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Material of the stone in property management kind act the role of material to cl
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The scope that contemporary property management involves and content are very much, the article is washed with respect to the Shi Caiqing in property management only with conserve respect and course of study wife person communicates. The building in town property, hall, house, place besides building structural frame, inside and outside is decorated on uses morer data is plank of plank of stone material, pottery and porcelain, man-made, aluminous model, glasswork. With respect to adornment stone material character, use commonly have:

Facing stone material: Basically be the natural granite of design of all sorts of color, decorative pattern, different specifications, marble, slabstone reachs man-made stone capable person, include plank of complex material, terrazzo to wait, breed has abroad entrance and homebred, phyletic and various.

Material of wall body stone: Basically use in the wall of inside and outside that builds a group, norms each different, the wall outside be like uses wall of dawdle stone, wall stone, culture stone, act to work hang stone, natural model, compound model reach a foundation to use different specifications piece stone.

Pitching material: The finished product of natural stone material of room inside and outside, park, footpath, semi-manufactured goods and barren expect a stone.

Decorate stone material: Like mural, enchase all sorts of stone of stone of shade of picture, wall, design, culture, different treatment stone of stone of stone of stone of material cylinder, Fang Zhu, line, windowsill, stair, baluster, door is covered, the stone that take the door.

The life uses stone material: Face plate of bedplate of stone of furniture of the material that be like stone, hearth, toilet, desk.

Artistic stone material: Floor space hall, assembly room, corridor, reveal hall to wait with goods of stone carving, art carve, be like celebrity stone of inscription of stone of statue of statuary, birds and beasts, plankton, monument, memorial archway, annals.

Material of environmental beautification stone: Material of this kind of stone calls " of " environment stone again, if Lu Yuanshi, car stops stone, step stone, stone spelling a flower, screen stone, flowerpot stone, water desk of stool of stone, stone column, stone, stone.

Electric equipment uses stone material: All sorts of different specifications insulation board, switch board, lamp holder, Shi Deng.

General and advanced Lou Yu is decorated, stone material dosage occupies total adornment to use material about 30, 40% differ, material of visible adornment stone owns larger share on property management, how to hold the adornment stone capable person in property it is important that its " youth often is in a " is property management the job.

Well-known, the with the passing of time when any article are used press certain ageing rate to decrease successively necessarily, make its dated, more what is more,the rather that natural stone material changes an effect in the gets atmosphere sunshine, wind and rain thing outdoor, especially environmental pollution makes its fade, efflorescent, surface is uneven, more because stone material character and construction later period maintain,be the cause that waits for a respect, together with did not make the surface nurse in producing a course, be in so rusty spot, extensive often arises it is thus clear that in already building Lou Yu to decorate stone material yellow, extensive is spot of alkaline, water, wet the disease such as mark, besmirch, Bai Hua, moss, affect the exterior design of stone material, colour and burnish badly, make decorate the effect greatly inferior.
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