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Easy coloring of stone qualitative cistern is different stone material is differ
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Major stone is met coloring, because stone has small opening. This makes fluid physical ability is permeated take rock and contain is inside stone. Besmirch remain time is longer, permeate more thorough, longer. Accordingly, seasonable cleared besmirch is very important. Apply to the stone cistern of any types at this o'clock.

Granite is special durable, bouncy stone. Daily cleanness: Brush with the nylon that is stained with soap by circular motion scrub, rinse thoroughly finally. Daily cleanness conduces to those who prevent hard water bilge forming. Cope with endurance besmirch, can try to if wash bowl fluid,use blame abrasiveness cleaner, bleacher. Avoid to use alkali to be like ammonia water, yu Shu understands the chemical product of drainpipe. Those who keep clear of to be caused by the iron ion that contains in water, cooking utensils is ferruginous, can use the cleaner that contains oxalic acid. Do not use bleacher directly on granite.

Marble has the burnish of ablaze grace. Have some interstitial sexes as a result of stone material place, it is very difficult to should maintain this kind of burnish to appear. Sealed conduce to prevent stone to absorb a liquid, but acidity liquid is like orange juice, citric, soda water, all sorts of food, the meeting such as family expenses cleaner corrodes stone. Be based on this, do not use acidity cleaner on marble. Contain wet glass of weak acerbity liquid to also can bring about hard water be soiled. To avoid water be soiled, the communications center after been use every time is washed wipe cistern. Cleared corrode, the only method of water be soiled is to ask an expert to burnish afresh, polishing. Nurse daily: Use gentle liquid cleaner or common family expenses scour.

Limestone is being enchased with its surface conch becames famous with fossil. A few limestone very " soft " , so you should take care, scratch avoids when using cuting article, cut surface. Limestone should use penetrability sealant regularly sealed, in order to prevent coloring, when having a contact with acidity material especially.

Soapstone surface is suitable slip. Soapstone surface is very compact, fight so corrupt performance is strong. In use as its hole in the stone of kitchen or bathroom cistern is least. Clean: Lu of dream of A Chinese-style unlined garment steals alcohol of affectedly sweet Qiu of C of oyster of thistle of ú of  of Meng of  of bead of that Qian Su the Huaihe River of earnestly of a kind of apple of Luan of throat of Xu of  of  of Xing of pure umbrella T comforts Da cadmium lows

Purify is all the stubborn besmirch on type stone, before advisory expert, can try the following move.

1) the stone material cleaner of use neutral cleans besmirch region. If do not act well, the attempt uses the cleaner with decontamination stronger sex. Want to notice the stone material of what type cannot use what chemical product, as above.
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