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How the stone qualitative cultural relic that conserve damaged pollutes
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The sort of qualitative cultural relic of stone of be confined to is various, material is qualitative complex, we disentomb with respect to archaeology only middling encounters, the protective processing technique of the portable stone implement of different type is made summarize. Each district disentombs in the archaeology of calendar year in, the such as that come up out of land, of primitive society grind shovel of the zax that make, stone, Shi Dao, stone to wait v hoe, the stone carving artwork of down to past dynasties, statue, tablet is engraved, epitaph. The damaged pollution that there is different rate more when coming up out of land is destroyed.

Because stone qualitative cultural relic gets the pollution of subterranean bury environment, not dip corrode salt kind crystallization action can produce pulverization, become angry, mildew, have armour, crisp alkaline crack, corrode aperture destroy. Because stone is qualitative different processing technique is different, after coming up out of land detect can go up in the drop on stone face a thick hydrochloric acid, observation has without epispastic reaction. Calcium carbonate kind stone is extremely sensitive to acid character, if epispastic reaction must not use acid kind solution processing, should choose neuter or alkalescent solution processing. And belong to silicate kind stone does not have apparent response character, if have difficult dissolve salt kind deposit, can use weak acid kind solution bate.

What archaic carven artwork uses sort of natural stone material a lot of, here only main the clean with a few kinds of qualitative material makes one introduction except the processing technique. Belong to same kind granite, basalt, shi Zhijian does not have hole forcedly. Steady state is in more after implements comes up out of land. Granite contains silicon of oxidation of 66 % above, it is a kind of acidity rock, basalt is rock of sex of a kind of salt radical, oxidation silicon content is less than 52 % . In harsh subterranean environment, the surface will be deposit a carbonic acid kind or the black incrustation of the material such as ferric oxide and oxidation silicon. Clean can be brushed with bristle except the job touch 9:1scrub of solution of 4 chloridize carbon, toluene, nigrify color keeps clear of again after incrustation bate, rinse medical fluid with distilled water next, solubility salt kind purify, can be in brooklet water president time dip washs reoccupy distilled water to heat to immerse in 45 ℃ left and right sides, put into ultrasonic cleaner, can wash quickly except. With microcrystalline olefin ooze be soiled is sealed finally protect. Sandstone and grey cliff are more poriferous, the surface is corroded basically is by but dissolve salt kind crystallization forms good deposit, look asing if is from the oozy fiber crystalline lens in pore. Can make stone face carve is acted the role of, literal faintness is difficult identify. Clean can be washed with leach of going from place to place except method, check the eduction content of chloride with nitric acid silver-colored titration next, till be not measured,go out till. Stick stone face with pulp severe, the moisture of pulp is absorbed by stone, outside pulp layer dry, the face contracts somewhat inside, can be gotten on by the lid on stone face a porous material, the solubility salt with the deliquescent moisture that stone absorbs kind, when it is certain to arrive, volatilize to form saline hard surface inside pulp outwards, pulp case is changed in 20 days or so, handle 2 ~ 3 times repeatedly, meeting but dissolve salt kind suck clean.
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