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New idea of conserve of material of a few kinds of stone
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As the development that project of stone material conserve carries out, conserve technology is greatly rich. Conserve theory also emerges in endlessly. All sorts of theory build the analysis in all sorts of problems in be being carried out to conserve and phenomenon to reach solve on, have its rationality and applicability, also have its one-sided sex and conditionality. Appear in practice of conserve of material of near future stone a few new issues, formed a few new point of views, summary is as follows.

One, stone material defends material wanting garden makes appropriate, because of material construction

Can discover in project practice repellent is right the stone material of some breed defends the effect not beautiful. Eliminate construction undeserved and produce invalidation, the most possible reason is to did not use correct stone material chemical to undertake defending. For instance granite is mixed marble what because of its mineral composition and chemistry form is different, the recipe that deserves to protect an agent is endless also and identical. Although same material of kinds of big stone, because density and chemistry form the concentration that differ and increase or reduces organic silicone,also meet. The concentration of organic silicone in sandstone repellent will be for instance some higher, the chroma of organic silicone in the granite with hardness and higher density or Dali cliff repellent will be inferior. Must make appropriate because of material when construction of stone material conserve so, because of,want material construction. Choose different chemical and different construction technology in the light of different stone material. This also more the necessity that says palpability builds database of stone material conserve. Be just like sufficient compiled the dictionary of conserve of material of a stone or it is encyclopedia. Correct chemical and construction method are chosen through consulting before conserve construction, take square make up a prescription of Chinese herbal medicine, not only can the effect is distinct, OK still and managing produce per year cost.

2, material of not all natural stone needs to defend

If be waterproof merely,prevent alkaline, in in hanging construction, 10 have some of tall hardness, high density to spend stone material to need not be done defend. This kind of circumstance also is applied to certain the granite of thick any crystalline substance. Pass in igneous rock for instance slow cold and cliff of gotten thick beautiful magma, the quartz of chunk is very much, this is low exterior water mixes very compact quartz a few otherer contaminant is to permeate what do not go in. This theory got the confirm of Maurizio of expert of conserve of association of material of American international stone and self-identity. After all hit material to need to defend what stone material does not need to check a method is a water unloads in face of Dali cliff polish or drip on granite polish face vinegar, if anhydrous spot or acetic spot remain are wiped after 5min, criterion cliff of this breed Dali or granite can be not done defend. Fujian produces " Hua Anyu " Dali cliff basically is this kind of circumstance.
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