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It is important that stone material adornment maintains into installation of the
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Having natural decorative pattern and beautiful colorific stone material, offerred capacious creation element for indoor stylist, in the family more and more people in decorating hope to be in local the flavour that uses material of a few natural stone to increase Piao Zhuo. Compare product of other building materials, stone material maintains to later period from outfit of choice, shop have very much exquisite, if do not add an attention, stone material cannot show due aesthetic feeling.

High grade stone material surface, do not contain too much motley, cloth color is even, not ignore weak ignore strong case, and qualitative second the meeting after stone material classics is machined has a lot of cannot cover builds " blemish " , say so, the decorative pattern of stone material surface is tonal the main index that is bad of actor of quality of evaluation stone material. If processing technique and craft close nevertheless, the finished product after treatment can appear warp, cave, splash, stain, edge damage drops the phenomenon such as nest of horn, crackle, lubricious line, hole, material does not calculate such stone to go up of course " top grade " .

Introduce according to professional personage, high grade natural stone material, should be plank cut edge orderly without vertex damage, face bright and clean, brightness is tall, feel with the hand without coarse feeling. The family decorates use stone material, the stone capable person that should select those light color decorates material as the ground, can give a person a kind of warmth, quiet sense, and the effect that still has augment area area. Say from breed, should choose those as far as possible wear-resisting, acid-proof alkaline marble kind with granite kind stone material. Will look from the price, produce series of granite of generous light color to compare petty gain, suit choose and buy of average income family, change the burden of partial it may not be a bad idea of attaint. Come from plank norms say, the ground should choose granitic sheet metal as far as possible (12 millimeter of 8 ~ ) , the intensity that this basically is consideration ground and building bearing two respects element.

Stone material decorates things to enter a family, more it is the mesa that makes of all kinds furniture, this is about to consider contaminative issue, want to select the stone capable person with a few deeper color consequently, the marble that resembles green, blue, gules set, granitic all but, those contain the variety of old decorative pattern in marble, adornment effect will be betterer. If the work station face of the kitchen needs to use stone material, should choose thick board of 25 millimeter, had better use granite. Because granite is in the acid with overmuch kitchen, alkaline environment, can wear well does not lose luster again, have quite high strength.

Because adornment stone material is natural product, feature of the decorative pattern of each plank, colour and lustre is different, must spend through going all out (color) , make decorative pattern, colour and lustre progressively outspread, transfer, what just can accomplish integral colour go up is harmonic. After spelling good design and color, answer to have number instantly, so that date take one's place is pressed when installation. Number can use stickup label or write on board face directly with lumber crayon, but pen of colour of use liquid of avoid by all means keeps sign in the besmear on flag face, otherwise if, in material of stone of coloured liquid infiltration, can stay brush the mark that does not drop.
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