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Slate floor nurses note
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Slate floor glows, special attract eyeball. You can choose green, pink, blue. Yellow is waited a moment. The exterior grain of slate floor also is Protean. Slate floor has skid resistance, this is one of property that flooring must have. Slate floor is the good stuff that commercial structure and domestic bedroom inside and outside decorate. Slate floor installation is simple, can with any adornment hue is tie-in. It is the note of floor of a few concerned slate below. "Want " the climate that A) considers carefully to install slate floor area, person discharge etc is important element. Ensure the environment of this area suits floor of installing plate cliff. The base that B) considers carefully to install slate floor board board, this is very important. Slate brick should accord with your requirement. The brick should have the slate that if install your place to want to buy,you can seek advice from to agency why to be planted base board. You must understand C) the colour of slate floor is unpredicatable, use well, final result will beyond your expect. D) understanding guarantees item, this is necessary. Had better read all slate floors carefully to buy specification or pertinent information. Before E) is being bought, do a shop beforehand, in order to test the color form of slate floor, ply change reachs the span between brick. F) slate brick needs the cement of special kind. The cement that place of room inside and outside uses must be united. Can use the brand that agency recommends. Be sure to keep in mind to read product specification before buy. G) slate floor is sealed it is very important. You can choose conserve agent of Gao Guangze to show bright burnish in order to make slate brick has, and low burnish has reflection effect, those who do not have burnish can make slate presents natural outward appearance. You can select suitable conserve agent according to particular case. H) if you did not hold to floor of installing plate cliff, had better consult seasoned major to install division. This also conduces to avoid error of item of expenditure, cause a loss. "Not " the problem such as consideration damaged does not overlook when A) orders. It is the B) that happens possibly at any time accidentally do not be opposite laxly the examination of base board. Shipshape, horizontal base board it is success of slate floor installation crucial. C) does not want the base in moisture board on floor of installing plate cliff. This meeting makes the installation of slate floor becomes difficult. D) already oiled or waxed slate floor does not want again sealed. Can keep clear of very hard in the future of print. E) grouting should grasp an opportunity, result of too early grouting is bad.