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The care and maintenance of grinder
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1, in grinder use process, due and fixed personnel is in charge of guard, operation personnel must have certain technical level, personnel is closing to must undertake the technology grooms to the operation before grinder is installed, made understanding grinds the principle function of machine, be familiar with operating rules.
2, grind to make machine is normal the job, should formulate equipment " safety of care and maintenance operates a system " just can assure to grind pilot period safety to move, want a replacement of necessary repair kit and grease at the same time.
3, grind machine after using a paragraph of period, should undertake the overhaul, grind annulus moldboard to wait to roll at the same time fragile undertake repairing changing, roll device is using around to all should undertake microscope to joining bolt nut fills in, whether to have shake a phenomenon, whether is lube fat added sufficient.
4, roll device uses time more than 500 hours or so to change afresh when roll, cover the each scroll bearing inside to must undertake cleaning to roller, to attaint should change, cheer a tool to be able to start work with the hand move cheer or butter gun.