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Arenaceous wall shape pledges the classification of feeling coating, composition
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Arenaceous wall shape pledges feeling paint calls true stone lacquer of stone of Qi Huo copy commonly. Classics is natural building of stone material illuminative is luxuriant, high, quality is higher. But because price of natural stone material is high, construction inconvenience, the building coating that material of a kind of emulation stone develops on the market at present so, coating of true stone lacquer, this coating is direct spray, its decorate the effect to have the simple sense of natural stone material and color. Use structure of illuminative of true stone lacquer, the luxurious outward appearance that has stone capable person not only and firm hardness, and have elegance, high, stereo sense is strong wait for artistic effect. True stone lacquer is had be able to bear or endure admirably await a gender, do not fade and be able to bear or endure flyblow sex, service life 10 years of above, it is a kind of data that replaces facing of natural stone material.

The composition of true stone lacquer reachs action

True stone lacquer besmears the layer basically comprises by 3 parts: The layer between Qi Zhong of true stone of? of bright of crime Fu badger and cover face lacquer.

Fight of lacquer of alkaline back cover

Fight lacquer of alkaline back cover to be to the basic level cent of different type oily with ability in swimming. The action of back cover lacquer is in solvent (or water) after volatilizing, among them polymer and colour filling is met in the hole of infiltration basic level, thereby block the wool stoma of basic level surface, such basic level surfaces had better waterproof properties, because water is divided,can eliminate basic level migratory and the flood that cause is alkaline, see things in a blur, also increased true stone lacquer at the same time advocate the adherent force of layer and basic level, avoided to flake and loosen phenomenon.

The layer between true stone Qi Zhong

The layer is among true stone lacquer by aggregate, binder (base makings) , all sorts of auxiliary and dissolvent are comprised.

(1) aggregate

Aggregate includes chromatic aggregate and common aggregate two kinds.

Chromatic aggregate is course of natural stone material smashs, clean, choose wait for much talk to working procedure is machined and be become, have be able to bear or endure very well await a gender, be able to bear or endure soda acid and do not fade quality, burn adorn with festoons for impersonal labour arenaceous. Whiteness of common aggregate choice is good, the quartz with the high volume that contain silicon is arenaceous, because natural Shi Fenyan is lubricious dimmer, the color when be being used alone is more inflexible, the white quartz that uses certain amount is arenaceous cooperate to use with pink of natural color stone, can adjust the depth of color, make the tonal and rich administrative levels of coating feels, can acquire the qualitative move of material of similar and natural stone, also reduced manufacturing cost at the same time. The expressional position impact of the application property of the lacquer of true stone of grain class conjugate of aggregate and coating is very big, if aggregate grain is too thick, precipitate easily in coating, the be born when spray is arenaceous also meet grow in quantity, the dosage of coating will be big, and the covering power of coating drops, coating surface is rough, accumulate dirt easily and be like by contaminative; aggregate grain is too fine, decorate the effect to owe beautiful. So, use collocation of grain of degree of finish to use, affect the adornment result of coating not easily already, still can make coating compact.
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