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Neat go into battle of material of stone of coating wallpaper plank
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1, brush paint: Brushing paint is the simplest to wall also be the most general decorate means. It is right normally wall undertakes facing is handled, with be bored with child make level, burnish light slippery level off, brush paint next, basically be emulsioni paint. Upside and end face have sex place make shade part with gesso line, bottom and ground have sex place with binding off of the line that play a base. This kind of processing is concise and lively, the room appears capacious and bright, but lack change. Can wait through pensile frame, photograph, tapestry, deserve to make light in order to shoot the light, undertake adorning.

2, paper: After wall facing handles level, spread paper. The sort of wallpaper is very much, hundreds of kinds get on 1000 kinds even, colour, decorative pattern is very rich. Wallpaper is dirty, cleanness rises very simple also, new-style wallpaper can be wiped directly with wet cloth.

3, spread plank: Metope whole is spread on basic level plank, adornment face plate is affixed outside, integral effect is elegant, but can make the room appears crowded. Still have a kind, although be to use wall of the board such as density board is full shop, but above brush again on white emulsioni paint, looking to go out from appearance is decorated with plank, it is to use density board cut the characteristic with convenient, orderly and flat brim, the joining together that passes board will make the linear, model such as hole chamfer, the metope of such processing already level off, modelling is meticulous, avoided the crowded sense that use board in great quantities and brings again.

4, do " stonewalling " : One kind is culture stone acts the role of a wall, become one side wall with the build by laying bricks or stones such as cobble, slate, sandstone board. Culture stone is bibulous rate is low, acid-proof, it is easy decency, sound-absorbing the effect is good, adornment sex is very strong. Another kind is plasterboard sticks a face, the carve on plasterboard has rise and fall cobbly brick wall is seamed, stick on wall concave and convex and trenchant, illuminate with lamplight especially, administrative levels feels very strong, adornment effect is distinct.