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Mastering knowledge of conserve of correct stone material is the key that preven
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Stone material has the natural housing materials that build and decorates double effect as a kind, all the time since times accept people favour. People selects stone capable person, besides its building function, more the natural adornment that values it is beautiful. The quality of a material of the lubricious harmonic and tough wear-resisting that granite agrees equably, the color with downy and elegant marble and natural and pure and fresh grain, beautification is worn our surroundings, make we experience natural beauty and glamour adequately.

The bright phearl that stone carving regards art as a bright in a covered corridor or walk has long history in our country, the ancients left us to make cultural relic of rocky qualitative history not only, more important is to passed stone carving work to leave many historical culture. Modern treatment and exploitation equipment make this kind of art more carry forward, sort of stone material artwork and class have unprecedented development. A kind when regard stone material as the product, as a large number of development application, a few problems that produce about stone material also are shown diversification and complication. Accordingly, how to have earlier stage scientificly to goods of material of stone carving stone preventive of processing and later period clean and nurse, how save these artwork for a long time and always put glorious, more and more get the attention of people.

Stone material is natural production, also be object of a kind of mine, its inevitable meeting is put in the blemish of a few a priori. A few pathological changes can appear in nature of its consist in, so its application avoids harder to be able to get after the surroundings of people the harm of various pollution and mankind. If stone material gets these pollution and caustic harm manage not seasonable or deal with the method is undeserved, can make the applied effect of stone material sells at a discount greatly, also affected stone material to use beautification atmosphere of the environment at the same time, and still meet from this a few more implicative the social problem such as pecuniary loss and economic dispute appears. Accordingly, know stone capable person correctly, understand the characteristic of all sorts of stone material, master right stone capable person to defend, clean and nurse the method is the premise base that people retains colour of stone Cai Liangli and pure and fresh environment for a long time is mixed necessary.