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Conserve of natural blemish mistake cause marble ground damage easily
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Stone material in the building be been in by the application with wide people with the more and more production of this kind of nature, because its have building function,be on one hand, because its have the effect that decorates the United States,be on the other hand. We are now in a few large guesthouse public houses and other building is OK the application that sees stone material amid, grave to its also, elegance, gorgeous adornment beautiful effect feels gasp in admiration. But the nature as a result of stone material is characteristic, the meeting in also deciding stone material is used in its produces various problems, cause damage even, this is concerned character with material of stone material itself on one hand, also concern with use environment with installation on the other hand.

We are mixed in a few advanced hotels via regular meeting other is large public the area that sees its use stone material laid appears the attaint of local or large area, the elephant is interstitial, broken, pulverization, the phenomenon such as hole, in the area that these phenomena are using marble laid especially the commonnest. Because these damaged place are reached easy be polluted and keep clear of hard, people sees will be to be full of bilge 1000 sore the ground of 100 aperture, this and decorous environment and atmosphere formed huge contrast all round its, huge reduced the use value of stone material and effect. But people cannot be mixed easily however go simply changing these damaged stone material, can cause the bigger loss of material and artificial respect on one hand, on the other hand owner also very bear hard close down changes stone material and brought relevant loss. The stone material ground that damaged because of this is discussed and using a few effective methods and material to be opposite undertakes repair appears very important.

One, the reason that stone material ground damages

1, sedimentation and tear off of area base part bring about ground stone material to crack caustic.

2, ab extra destruction brings about damaged of ground stone material.

3, go up character from stone told ground of choice marble laid to leave future trouble. Because people chooses stone,often pay attention to only when material on one hand tonal, and do not go considering marble and granite to be in be able to bear or endure the difference that awaits gender and wearability to go up. On the other hand, material of first entrance stone is in the majority with marble, granitic in those days processing technique still is done not have so advanced now, and the lubricious harmonic style of marble is much with refined be in the majority, this makes use stone material to choose marble to become a kind of fashion indoors now, this also is now a question of marble of stone material ground is more main reason.

4, the natural blemish of marble. A few marble are put in the natural blemish with more move, the elephant is interstitial, sand holes, loose, rawish wait. If these blemish are done not have beforehand better undertake repair is mixed make up for, so once laid gets to the ground moisture and it can take the lead in be being sent in defective place after a few harmful pollution fall ill to change and be destroyed and from this enlarge is delayed. Resemble silver-colored line cream-colored, gold spends cream-colored, fei net.
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