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A few characteristics with granite resourceful mineral products
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Natural resources of Chinese granite mineral products is very substantial, and widespread, basically have the characteristic of the following respects:

1) producing area is widespread, reserve centers Yuhuadong, China north relatively two areas, producing area of high grade and high-grade granite is more dispersive.

Up to by 1996, retain the granite producing area of reserve distributings extensively at our country 26 provinces of 6 large areas, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government (Taiwan is saved not statistic) . Hua Dong area is most (occupy 47.4% ) , take second place of China north area (occupy 27.6% ) . But Hua Dong area basically yields in granite of cheap light color; Dimensions of bed of granite of archives of high grade high school is general and lesser and more dispersive, in China north, southwest, northwest each area all has distributing.

2) breed of design and color is more, already formed series. The granite that China already discovered at present is main breed has 100 many, have 60 via what batch of foreign trade number exports many breed, color can be divided for light color, gules, black, rare color 4 old series, give priority to with red and light color series in the breed that already discovered, both is occupied about 80% ; Black series is occupied about 18% ; Place of production of rare color set is exiguous, discover in succession in recent years have blue, green, still have belt change colour, starlit is rare breed.

3) quality is better, the market is popular, can satisfy the need of each respect. The granite variety that already developed at present from China looks, quality is general better, each have distinguishing feature, class is all ready, machine easily, performance characteristics can be achieved ask domestic and internationally about stone lumber industry. Have comfortable at granite of ornamental of all kinds, have comfortable at making the granite of high-grade gravestone, have comfortable the granite of acid-proof, alkali resistance at industrial utility, have comfortable at carven granite, building construction uses granite, can satisfy the need of all sorts of different utility, get the welcome of domestic and international market. In market demand drive, cliff of hillock of the national flower in coming nearly 10 years kind the output of commodity grows 200 multiple, exit forehead grows 60 multiple.

4) quality is given priority to with common stone material, material of renown actor stone is less. Be in already in the granite resource of ascertain, basically be the common stone material such as shallow red, flesh red, gray. Although be saleable, but value is inferior, the resource of granite of cardinal, blue that can actor or actress with the name on the international market the product is rivalled is very insufficient still.

5) the need that reserve can assure to develop. The estimation recoverable reserves of the granite mine source that China can use is 379 million M3, press computation of 30% waste material, existing recoverable reserves can assure the demand 2010 completely.
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