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Strange Shi Yingru why conserve?
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Strange stone is artistic, the exterior is beautiful round of beautiful Huan, beauty is need punish is mixed maintain, this is afraid the person that is introduction enjoying rock knows. But how to undertake to strange stone punish is mixed maintain fan of not all however strange rock knows or say the person that know is very much.

The punish of strange stone, basically be to show the original rock to just was being collected undertakes finishing. If dig the stone surface that come out newly together,have cover or daub with plaster already arenaceous, have calcic qualitative wrapping again, still have those who immerse is motley, moss. Some river river stone, sea stone wait with lichenous furring, algal shellfish, these need to undertake exterior punish is handled. Especially clever wall stone, need to have repair more. According to prevent coil up writes " Yun Linshi chart " introduce, people is much all over with Tie Ren blow. Altogether 3 times two, show stone scene already, hold porcelain end scrub concurrently with yellow bud broom or bamboo broom namely. By this token, majority surprises to the repair that stone needs to have the face before seat of honour is cleaned and be handled.

After strange stone punish is cleaned clean, can enter daily conserve. The conserve that daily conserve includes to be hurt to stone, conserve outdoor and indoor conserve. Stone injury conserve basically is in showing a little strange stone is collecting a process, often appear to touch damaged not carefully to hurt the issue of flesh of stone skin stone. If stone injury is more apparent, can undertake with diamond or sand paper burnish is repaired first, put former stone park open air to endure insolation drench again next, water regularly, one feldspathic skin meets time split up naturally, become angry naturally, till whole strange stone is till respect of simple sense, lubricious sense is completely harmonic, again ingoing of seat of honour is indoor view and admire. The conserve outdoor basically is to show a little strange Shi Xin is collected after coming best also preexistence outdoor make offerings to left and right sides of half an year, daily water just a little second, often flip through insolation face.

Indoor conserve is the permanent conserve of pair of strange stone actually. The strange stone that gets used to water to raise is OK two skies water, make its often maintain wet and have life. The strange Shi Ye of unfavorable gush water should be felt via commonly used hand or brush with dry cloth try, make its maintain clean and raise the rate that wrap an oar gradually. Raise besides water besides, some people still like to use oil conserve. Oil can maintain the burnish of stone, avoid stone skin aerification, decency. Ordinary people uses maintain oil has vaseline, oily candle, glazing candle to wait. But the author thinks, on oil or candle tell fraud to be more than benefit to maintaining for a long time, should avoid to go up oily candle. Although such doing,be in short-term inside can make Shi Zhi quality of a material, color feels more outstanding, but it cuts off relatively and hampered of stone " breath " , jammed the wool stoma of stone, block up stone breathes the nourishment in air, make stone for a long time cannot appear old mannish. And on the strange stone after oily waxing has a kind of artificial feeling, masked the true colors of stone. So, oil is raised undeserved advocate.
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