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Stone material defends, clean, whole is abrade unifinication
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The Beijing place standard that consults to began to carry out on March 1, 2008 " material of stone of building adornment project applies technical regulations " (DB11T512-2007) defend to stone material waterproof processing, clean, except oil, clean except class of glue, water, paint except rust cleared, cement keeps clear of, whole abrade, face-lifting, make serving to nod simple recognition from time to tome with Wu of bedding and clothing after us.

Stone material defends clean whole smooth abrade polish to be in show level to be known by people place gradually. The service company from choice major arrives to spot standard construction complete is checked and accept consign is used and use a note to maintain later cycle has corresponding company level. Install to new store again material of level off stone does not use again fine installation below metabolic circumstance mechanic also cannot achieve the flatness after whole is abrade. Stone material is in big board factory cut, carry, the spot spells the surface when outfit to wear away, skip edge, drop horn, pollution, to the attaint of stone material. Aperture of material of installation mechanic stone uses material of stone of new store outfit now tick off the fill that seam an agent, yi Shenshui, become angry, not strong.

We are in whole before making the same score, can be opposite of stone material seam undertake clearing, long straight, fill gap of the mix colors that seam glue, fill, skip the edge drops horn to repair, hole of plank surface hole is repaired. Whole after making the same score, enter to stone material abrade, repair, polishing processing, clean, defend, processing of crystallization, conserve. The glossiness of the granite after all processing, marble can reach a nation classy a tasted emblem mark is accurate. Shi Caiguang can rise further after defending through abrade whole smooth burnish polishing crystallizes feeling of brightness, hardness, whole, fight corrupt gender, beautiful degree, complete system reveals stone ability former some is gorgeous and high-grade.

One, the construction company that chooses to have professional aptitude

The construction conserve company that chooses major through all sorts of channel understand through the phone or looking around on the spot has conclusive effect to final acceptable quality.

2, construction of standard of stone material spot

1, stone material defends construction

Stone material does stone material to defend construction is handled before shop outfit, the option that use repellent should obtain design requirement and defended purpose science defends product. The quality of repellent should be accorded with " building adornment is used like that stone material repellent " (JC/T973) standard regulation. Due detect inside certificate of approval, period of efficacy report, operation instruction handbook. The entrance produces a mouth due Chinese manual, customs declaration, , trade supervision is only. Chooses repellent is harmful corporeal content, must satisfy " control of environment of pollution of condition of core of room of civil construction project is normative " (GB is changed 50325) regulation.
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