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The pertinent question that stone courtyard devises
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The courtyard that stone designs can be given out bright beautiful burnish and wear well, dark Tan Moguang of unlike other material, and durable sex is not strong. Stone belongs to solid state material, have abiding be able to bear or endure lukewarm anticorrosive characteristic, use time can exceed the time of generation discipline commonly.

Whether do you put big question when should you design a courtyard?

Is natural stone material best choice material?

Natural stone is optimal choice material. If can proper maintain and maintenance can accompany you to be used all one's life, stone material is optimal material, the courtyard that already built beside you alertly, you can discover stone material is the mainest material.

Choosing stone to make a courtyard decorate another advantage of material is stone as can harmonious as circumjacent environmental photograph, you were not necessary to give it designedly chromatic, because stone is special some stone are qualitative, look the exterior always is very harmonious.

It is bit better to should select the sort of stone capable person so?

1. Lime cliff - no matter be,the house is decorated, lime cliff is first-class stone talent, major lime cliff has downy outward appearance, still have the grain of stain appearance. Lime cliff is burgeoning material in the market, but this kind of material applies a building already extensively to design a domain, still have a family, in commercial dress, still have in other finishing in be being created with material of quality of a material very extensive also apply.

2. Granite - granite has the grain outward appearance like eddy appearance or raindrop, it has a series of color. Granite is having " busy " of the exterior celebrated, but now nowadays manufacturer people or domestic householder people the exterior that prefers popularity, the reason that utilization rate drops nowadays returns granite may be this kind of material very slippery.

3. Marble - marble has bit of likeness with lime cliff more or less on the exterior, and can become beautiful slowly as the elapse of time, still have pledge in dimension, color, material and respect of charge for the making of sth. is very perfect.

4. Big board - big board applied only in the past at table tennis desktop, blackboard and housetop ceramic tile. The last few years just applies midstream to rise all right in the residence and commerce, big board material of the well that make stone is more perfect, they have a lot of color and dimension to be able to offer an alternative.

5. Shi Huayan - the marble that Shi Huayan has a hole namely normally, people thinks Shi Huayan cannot be applied to be in of the family in decorating, but after going up, these mouth of a cave are repaired with grout is perfect, and the design can offer perfect outward appearance afterwards.
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