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Marble cleans a variety of method keys is to want fixed
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When the surface is profaned, appropriate uses a few weak caustic, be like lemon juice or vinegar, use soap of avoid by all means or soda pink fragile the stuff of marble essence will brush. Use lemon juice also answer very attention, its retention period had better not exceed 1 minute, can duplicate an operation when necessary, be cleaned next and wipe.

To cosmetic, tea and nicotian smear, but the hydrogen peroxide solution on besmear, stay two hours, clean next reach wipe.

To oil stains, usable alcohol (alcohol) , acetone or lighter oil are wiped, clean next reach dry. If marble furniture is scorched by stub, lv of take an examination asks person rehabilitate.

Anyhow, marble mesa is best and fixed with small wet the cloth that contains gentle scour is wiped, wipe with clean soft cloth next work and polish.

Of course, to the marble mesa of slight abrade, usable and special marble cleaner and nurse agent, wear away ball of serious usable steel wire is wiped, use next dynamoelectric burnish machine burnish.