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4 great seal stone of Chinese introduce
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In the development course of art of Chinese seal cutting, stone is most crucial material. Since yuan acting Wang Mian uses beautiful breast carved stone to imprint, refined scholar of past dynasties bookman begins to be engraved oneself from seal on stone, seal cutting abruptly arisen, the seal cutting that develops an independence is artistic, form all sorts of genre. Seal cutting seal is Chinese bookman refined scholar and the content that collector place favors. Stone connects intelligence of animals, stone is like gentleman, often the sculpture that the stone with good one party adds home of outstanding seal cutting achieves perfect union, make jewelry of be handed down from ancient times. Stone is used in numerous seal cutting in, most suffer what seal cutting home loves to be China " stone of 4 great seal " , namely stone of fossil of Shou Shanshi, Qing Tianshi, prosperous, Bahrain.

Shou Shanshi

Stone material distributings in boundary of outskirt of north of the Fuzhou City and Lian Jiang, collect source " golden triangle " region. If be moved toward with lode, can divide again silver coin for hill of high mountain, banner, month 3 departments.

Colour of birthday hill Shi Yiji is gorgeous " scene of day appearance country " make moving heart. Trend of colour of birthday hill stone and chroma depth are unpredicatable. Violet Zhe Mingyan, green person pleasing to the eye, red person enthusiastic and showily, black person solemn and respectful and mysterious, white pigment is elegant and chic. The multicoloured stone with one polychromatic stone often is beautiful and gorgeous, drunk god of your popular feeling is confused.

Because birthday mountain mining area extracts early, old say " hole of cropland hole, puddle, hill " , point to the ore that here the cropland bottom of mining area, Shui Jian, cave extracts namely, through old excavate, the breed of emerge in large numbers amounts to more than 100 kinds.

In Shou Shanshi, one is plant " Shi Zhongzhi king " -- Tian Huang. Because originate in cropland bottom, show yellow more again, reason calls cropland hole stone or cropland fizzles out. Tian Shi is classified with colour and lustre, can divide commonly mix for Huang Tian, Gong Tian, Bai Tian, grey cropland, Hei Tian beautiful cropland.

Qing Tianshi

Originate in Zhejiang to save green cropland county. Color is rich, decorative pattern is peculiar. Give priority to with pyrophyllite, show candle account, burnish of grease, glass, have without transparent, small transparent to translucence, quality of a material firm close meticulous, it is Chinese seal cutting uses the stone with the earliest stone to plant. According to expert statistic, qing Tianshi is divided in all have 10 kinds big 108 kinds, with " seal the door " for top grade, small transparent and light greenish blue takes Huang Zhe to say to seal door blueness slightly. Additional, glittering and translucent be like jade, the gem that illuminate is like lamp brightness, translucent person call lamplight aspic; If color is deep and remote orchid, bright profit is pure, connect the clever small person that appear to call orchid blueness. The lode as a result of the blueness that seal the door is fine, of the quantity strange little, lubricious decorous, qualitative Wen Run, of the gender " middle " , it is all Yin Shizhong most appropriate suffers Dao Zhishi, wide favor for place of seal cutting home. Seal a not seek fame and wealth of ease of green indicative concealed, particularly place of bookman refined scholar is good, be called " Shi Zhongzhi gentleman " .
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