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Advantage of illuminative of wall of stone material act and its inadequacy
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Wall of stone material act normally by flag bearing structure (costal region of aluminous beam pillar, steel structure, glass is waited a moment) composition, do not assume the building palisade construction of load of main body structure and action.

Wall of stone material act is adopted commonly work the installation way that register, because work,hang opposite at wet stick cost tallish, but have a few profit. Dry hang on the safe side to spend taller, fall not easily, so taller metope is used dry hang. Outside wall Shi Tierong is easy occurrence extensive alkaline phenomenon, affect act wall impressions. Wet the performance of the be in harmony that fight aspic that stick is a few poorer also, the issue gives easily in freezing area.

Use adornment of wall of stone material act to have the following advantage:

1. Natural talent is high and hard and shining and qualitative, glittering and translucent, permanent, elegant

2. Be able to bear or endure aspic sex: Stone material falls in damp condition, be in harmony of can counteractive aspic and do not produce remarkable Hun, this function is called be able to bear or endure aspic sex. The water portion inside rock hole is in temperature is low to centigrade 0 20 when, happen freeze, expansion ratio of share of the water inside hole is original bulk big 1/10, if rock is resistless this kind expands the force of a generation, can appear destroy a phenomenon.

3. Compressive strength: Because action of area of the uniformity of material of degree of finish of mineral component, crystallization, cementation, loading, loading and cleavage place become the factor such as angle,the compressive strength of stone material is met, and differ somewhat. If other condition is same, crystallization grain is normally petty and each other felt compact material, have relatively high strenth.

Wall of stone material act also has its inadequacy:

1. Cumbersome stone material does the wall outside high-level building to have sex of a lot of and serious risk, the action in bldg. bids have not complete standard, the cost lowest that who projects of many wall of stone material act are who wins the bid, individual cent is wrapped, such low win the bid, for not be out of pocket is about jerry, this makes the security of wall of stone material act very god-given to safeguard.

2. Non-standard behavior exists in the design, many designing institutes are right act and the wall is not familiar, indicate on blueprint only what act wall, and take no account of actual condition. Wall of stone material act some are designed by act wall him company that win the bid, some designing institutes ask structural division to be examined seriously, but the checkup that major designing institute takes a form, design and close nevertheless.

3. Performance of fire prevention of wall of stone material act is very poor, build in the high level especially, fire all is lighted indoors commonly, the stainless steel that the conflagration inside the building can make hang flag board lift with metallic structure temperature, make rolled steel bate, lose strength, flag will form slate from the high level " rain " fall, create risk to the pedestrian not only, also cause difficulty to fire control fire fighting.
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