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Pakistan government gives aid to energetically marble and granite
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For the development of national marble and granite branch, pakistan government allocates funds 200 million 9 1000 7 1 million rupee expand a company to Pakistan stone material. These money are the budget of year of 2007-2008 of plan of development of out public sector. The fund that development of public sector of it is reported plans to have 500 million rupee will expand marble and granite line of business. Message personage says these money will be used build two mechanical field and model of a mine, the improvement that promotes 3 mine and build to groom center. This grooms the center also can regard as at the same time store the storehouse of stone material.

The stone material branch of Pakistan is to very much latent capacity gets foreign exchange through the exit of marble and granite. The government is industry of development stone lumber, approved fund of rupee of 1.9 billion 8 ten million, prepare to use this Qianlaishi to show this item inside 3 years. Company of development of Pakistan stone material obtains a life to undertake assessment to the development latent capacity of stone material branch. Pakistan stone material expands a company bid the place that grants big house the company acts as agent, import excavation machine from Korea. Stone material expands a company additional 100 million bid grant an Italy machinery company of production company Dazzini, this company offers stone material machine for mine. Message personage says these machinery will use the mine model in a marble that is located in Balochistan and granite in.