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Regulations of association of industry of Chinese stone lumber
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General principles of the first chapter

The firstThis meeting name is association of industry of Chinese stone lumber, english translated term is China Stone Material Industry Association, abbreviate is CSMIA.

The 2ndThis meeting is by industry of countrywide stone lumber enterprise or business the does not accept restriction of branch, area and form of system of ownership industry sex that unit and relevant social group comprise of one's own accord is organized, it is to have the blame of corporate organization to seek profits national socioeconomy organization of the gender.

The 3rdThe tenet of this meeting is to be industry of countrywide stone lumber to expand a service, bridge and bond effect have between government and enterprise. Observe constitution, law, code and social morality prevailing custom, implement the guiding principle of executive party and country, policy, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the member, industry of lumber of stone of stimulative our country coordinates healthy progress quickly continuously.

The 4thThe business officer unit of this meeting is the State Council state-owned asset controls administrative committee (abbreviation country endowment appoint) , mass organizations registers administrative office to be civil administration ministry. This meeting accepts national endowment appoint coach with the business of association of civil administration ministry and industry of Chinese housing materials and control government.

The 5thThis meeting the site of a conference or meeting is set in Beijing.

The 2nd chapter scope of business

The 6thThe scope of business of this meeting:

(one) communicate those who carry out party and country to concern guiding principle, policy, around developing of stone lumber industry major problem begins investigation and study, the opinion that is in charge of a branch actively to put forward course of study of one's own profession to concern the respect such as technical economic policy and legislation to the government and proposal.
(2) reflective membership requirement, harmonious member relation and with the relation between relevant industry, the organization makes guild regulations be made an appointment with all right, establish industry self-discipline mechanism, action of normative member unit.
(3) begin advisory service, provide domestic and international technology and market information for the member, the organization begins technical experience communication and talent to groom, and the many sided such as promotion new product, new technology, new technology and new facility, mutiple level service.
(4) strengthen be the same as the connection between the industry with abroad, the organization is begun external economic technology communication and collaboration.
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