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" Jingdezhen government purchases project archives to run temporary measure " co
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Jiangxi visits Jingdezhen town of equipment of medical treatment of hospital of the first people purchase fell a few days ago next heavy curtain, the staff member of integrated division is in office of procurement control of government of Jingdezhen city Bureau of Finance undertake those who purchase material arrange, file works.

Jingdezhen municipal government purchases office director Zhang Chun to tell a reporter, we came on stage this year " Jingdezhen government purchases project archives to run temporary measure " (the following abbreviation " method " ) , "This " method " purchase government of stimulative our city archives management to move toward standardization stage by stage, and the content of file also is made clear further change " .

File content is clear

Before this, jingdezhen municipal government purchases the content that does to purchase data file without specific provision, although " the government purchases a way " have relevant demand, but, the order of file of the content of file file, file regulation that did not make clear.

" method " just made up for this one blank, point out, the pre-construction material of the project, invite public bidding of the project (inquiry, negotiation) of the material of file material, file of open sealed tenders of the project, project bid (quote) the file material, evaluation file material of the project, and each kinds of material, jingdezhen municipal government is purchased did to still undertake its be refininged further, for instance, of the project bid (quote) file material includes: Already gave out purchase a file (the relevant document that includes invite public bidding, inquiry, emulative negotiation, single source to purchase, data, example, blueprint) , already gave out those who purchase a file is necessary the document that clarify or alters, purchase announcement (include announcement of invite public bidding to wait) , invite invite public bidding case, inquiry, it may be said is detailed and comprehensive.

In the meantime, this " method " requirement, roll inside archives material is arranged what purchase working flow orderly according to the government, ordinal for project project approving open sealed tenders of invite public bidding of preparation, project, project, project is evaluated, contract of result of invite public bidding, project, project is acceptable data of file material etc, in order to facilitate of later period search and browse.

Differentiate clearly responsibility

"This " method " come on stage, want normative government to purchase archives government action not just, and still having a main purpose is normative Jingdezhen municipal government purchases the work that does interior, strengthen in-house harmonious cooperation, make clear responsibility, fulfil responsibility the person " , zhang Chun expresses.

As we have learned, current, jingdezhen municipal government is purchased do cent to be 3 section office, it is respectively purchase division, news division, integrated division, every section office is in charge of distinct category purchase, be in " method " before coming on stage, the liability that archives liquidates was not made clear, it is normally " purchases whose file " , the file is missing, misshapen wait for a problem to appear from time to tome, even sometimes, when supplier deliver doubt, complain a book, but because purchase a file misshapen not complete, bring about case investigation to be put in very great difficulty, and ask about a staff member, mutual buck-passing.
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