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The mining industry of fluorite ore natural resources manages
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Fluorite is one of advantage mineral products of our country, job of its geology perambulate is main by ground collate branch (head office of industry of coloured of bureau of mine of ministry of total bureau of collate of ground of ministry of geological mineral products, metallurgical industry ministry, chemical industry, China ground collate total bureau) assume, geological perambulate is registered, reserve is examined and approve put in a mouth 's charge at ministry of geological mineral products. As a result of 50 time, national mineral products includes metallurgy to assist raw material fluorite in reserve classification, because development of this mining industry puts in government of buccal metallurgy industry 's charge.

Since reforming and opening, although this kind manages system to did not weigh about-face, but as the town enterprise arisen with development, fluorite is produced by the situation that metallurgical industry branch gives priority to body change to have important place for the town enterprise before. Will look with the production 1995, the crop of enterprise of metallurgy system place is occupied only 37.6% , and the enterprise besides metallurgy system was occupied 49.2% , civilian collect occupy 13.2% .

Because fluorite produces management to did not catch up with manufacturing distribution transforms, because this appeared to collect excessive to dig in disorder, without foreword cheap exit raw material, destroy resource and the phenomenon that waste resource. For this, fluorite production is saved greatly -- government of Zhejiang province people is aimed at afore-mentioned circumstances, give out " the announcement that manages about strengthening fluorite mineral products " , announcement basis " law of resource of mineral products of People's Republic of China " (abbreviation " law of mineral products resource " ) with concerned regulation, put forward:

① various government should be strengthened further with concerned branch " law of mineral products resource " the study that waits for law, code and propaganda, firm establish mineral products resource to belong to a country all legal ideas, interest of correct processing whole and local interest, long-term interests and at the moment the relation of the interest, rise execute the law and abide by the law consciousness, cogent protection and reasonable development, use fluorite resource, insist to manage with the law, safeguard normal production to manage order.

② establishs mineral products of complete province fluorite to manage the job to head a group, the unified and harmonious, mining that manages mineral products of complete province fluorite, mineral separation, sale, carry, exit activity.

③ implements unified program to saving the development of resource of fluorite mineral products completely.

The condition running mine of mineral products of ④ strict fluorite and examine and approve a program. Company of open fluorite mine, must offer application to the management department of geological mineral products of mine seat, the newspaper saves hall of geological mineral products to examine and approve. Issue mining license by attributive. Mine company is dealt with about the branch to place by mining permit business charter and proof the ground, power supply, buy blow up the formalities such as things.
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