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Building adornment uses Shi Caifeng nest board will have a standard to be able t
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The beehive board development inside cropland mixes Shicai although application had had more than 10 years, but this product quality can be depended on without the standard all the time. Hopeful of this kind of circumstance ends now. Classics country is in charge of sectional approval, by what include national housing materials to check center and unit of domestic share backbone to organize a work out jointly " be good at build with Shi Caifeng nest board " conference of the standard job that draft is in Shanghai to hold at present.

Shicai beehive board is in special beehive board the surface is compound go up stone material, take natural or the exterior of man-made stone material, decorative pattern, colour and simple sense, collect beehive board pledge gently with excel in, factory extensive application is decorated at all sorts of building adornment build act wall especially.

Shicai beehive board because itself quality is light, reduced act wall and building weight. managing act wall and construction project cost, overcame wall of act of traditional stone material already too heavy, intensity the drawback with low, big brittleness, still can remove heat insulation, fall a confusion of voices, aseismatic action, already became new, material of acting act wall, a when become green to build adornment material new army.

Shicai the Europe of the century on beehive board traceable, through the development in Europe and North America, already became a kind of main compound and new-style building to decorate material. 90 time pass into the century on after our country. Through the indefatigable effort of trade public figure, its quality already had great rise, applied technology also gets flying development, use at common structure adornment not only, and its applied a domain to already developed metope of inside and outside of architectural of the ground, mesa, high level to wait, present a swift and violent development impetus. The product quality of preeminent company already reached the share now international level, every year still a large number of products export Euramerican and other places, domestic and international commerce develops ceaselessly.

Because the market is valued, a lot of companies that do not have manufacturing condition and capacity and mill haste mount a horse. Make the production of lane type by hand, make product quality assures hard. Seeing the market face that is like flourishing so, covered a lot of inferior products. The life property that brings huge hidden trouble, serious even minatory people to construction project quality is safe, produced many quality issue.

Because of this, preeminent company station is in domestic a man of insight and part to develop responsible height for the industry, participate in formulate jointly this state level. The formulate that believes to adopt a standard and carry out, can conduce to normative production, application and market action, promote the technical quality of the product and application the standard. Uphold market order, the domestic foreign trade below stimulative WTO regulation is easy, make the industry grows along healthy orbit, those who accord with a country is managing model economy develops policy.
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