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Waterproof construction designs pluvial act principle and wall of stone material
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Pluvial act principle is principle of a design, it points out this one rainwater is right " act " permeate the principle that how will be prevented, answer in this one principle its are main in using the element is cavity is set in juncture place interior, the pressure of the inside of the surface outside its should maintain all the time on all place and the atmospheric pressure outdoor is equal, wait in order to make two side are in outside face control state, the outside area that mentions among them namely " pluvial act " . Press equilibrium obtaining is to make the mouth is in of purpose open wide condition, make cavity and the airiness outdoor, in order to achieve pressure balance. This effect is by outside available antrum place stays to form at the back of the wall, this cavity must achieve afore-mentioned goals with ability of the UniCom outdoor, the flatus wave motion that causes as a result of the random sex of wind also wants outer wall two side try to balance.

Everybody knows, act wall produces leakage to want to have 3 essential factor:
A. There should be crack on act metope;
B. There should be water all round aperture;
C. Have the effect that makes water enters act wall interior through aperture.

In these 3 element if lack a leakage to won't happen (if reduce the effect of these 3 element lowermost rate, criterion leakage can lower the minorrest rate) . Outer wall water and gap cannot be eliminated, make great efforts on action only, aperture of the wall outside make through removing effect water has been illogical is entered etc control speech. In wall, aperture and action (press difference especially) indelible, should reach wall not leakage, should make water does not drench wall, this as it happens by outside wall (pluvial act) the effect of play will achieve, outside inside the wall, outside side pressure, water cannot be entered etc control speech, drench without water wall, there is water all round wall aperture, wall won't produce leakage, wall of act of so unit type is entered to inserting place to won't have waterlogging indoor. The core principle of this design is outside wall (pluvial act) inside, outside side pressure, make rainwater cannot be entered etc control speech, achieve wall aperture all round anhydrous, eliminate leakage in wall namely the element of the water in 3 element will achieve system of juncture of wall of act of integral unit type not leakage. But, want to achieve congruent to press be difficulty, impracticable is below certain circumstance even, as a result of,this is outside mural pressure is caused by wind, this kind goes up in time by the pressure that wind causes and dynamic change is on the space. The leeway that forms by flatus place changes, the wall outside making the pressure of two side changes subsequently. In the instant with fluctuant flatus, outside mural inside and outside two lateral pressure are differ (wait for the internal pressure that control speech namely force is as unequal as the pressure outdoor) , want to be balanced through airiness, carry water likely when airiness etc control speech. Wind pressure distributings outsidely in act wall also is lopsided, wind pressure increases along with height, sometimes the surface outside act wall also has local (edge horn, coping) assume negative leeway position, when two the mouth is in wind pressure to differ or one place is another place is wind pressure when negative leeway, wait for force of the internal pressure that control speech to be leeway of two mouth place about (negative leeway) average, rain always falls along pressure directional infiltration, lateral pressure is more than the mouth place that waits for the pressure that control speech to can rainwater infiltration waits outside control speech, because this should consider pluvial act layer (outside wall) the possibility that has a few accidental leakage necessarily, such is about that make already instant eduction reachs the infiltration water that presses antrum outdoor. Juncture of wall of act of so unit type is in waterproof construction to want the wall outside making to have the capacity that prevents much rain infiltration, can instant to a few infiltration water that presses antrum eduction, make water does not drench wall, leakage is eliminated in wall the element of the water in 3 element, obtain water thereby not leakage arrives indoor purpose. Still must pointing out this is theoretic only the principle that elaborate, leakage should be eliminated completely in actual project in 3 element any one is accomplished not easily, but not be to say we are helpless, although cannot arrive to eliminate leakage completely any purposes in 3 element, but can adopt measure to make 3 element reduce leakage each times most lowermost rate. Learning foreign experience so, sum up native experience foundation to go up, waterproof to inserting juncture to be in to wall of unit type act tectonic design already had plan of a more mature technology, be in namely horizontal (perpendicular) to juncture outside side installs poncho, leave in joint of two unit component only small mouth, make wait pressure antrum and the airiness outdoor, in order to maintain pressure balance, form one each to go up so and fall, from left to right successive outside wall (pluvial act) , poncho edge juncture prevents interior of wall of act of much rain infiltration endlong, only mouth place has a few rainwater infiltration, use heal board (catchment chamfer) the water that falls edge mullion cavity divides a catchment and instant platoon comes the discharge below surface of the face plate outdoor, and osculum is far from juncture, reduce gap all round of water gather. Heal board lever cavity space becomes shorter disjunctive unit, decrease etc press antrum and difference of the pressure outdoor, decrease to wait for the water that presses antrum through mouth infiltration thereby. The heal outside adding board, edge plank (pay casing) tectonic ply place is perpendicular to cavity (this antrum is located in wrap around water inside and lever between the wall outside compositive cavity) statified space, the moisture layer platoon that makes fall along this cavity comes outdoor, avoid water to heal toward next water layers along completely tall whereabouts thick circumstance happens, reduce the these water infiltration likelihood that controls speech, at the same time outside heal board sets upright every to make the mouth construction that be down to the mouth keep out of juncture, make water as a result of gravity whereabouts cannot drive straight in etc control speech, and maintain airiness, achieve water to because weigh strength effect or air current infiltration,won't wait for the end that approachs antrum. The classics of wall of unit type act that uses these construction detects several times, its watertight sex all is in 2500Pa above, namely indoors outside serious leakage does not happen when pressing difference to exceed 2500Pa, air-tightness is achieved
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