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The working procedure that marble waterproof abrasive paper burnishs
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Spell outfit workshop to spell below outfit reentrance one working procedure via after copy machine shapes, arriving: Waterproof abrasive paper burnishs, use 70 # emery wheel above all or 80 # annulus piece will keep clear of spell outfit hind small curium line of the linear, perpendicular of the trace of a remain, H, radian basically rely on it to sweep straight, crush, water supply sand paper burnishs creation advantage.

Firstly, 80 # waterproof abrasive paper (kibble is machined) put water, waterproof abrasive paper on product treatment face first. Machine even grinding on the face countless times with what the hand puts waterproof abrasive paper in the product, in grinding process. The hand wants the right amount pressure that increase a point, such grinding effects are a few faster, keep clear of the trace of on one working procedure (the following treatment is the same as) , how can just see already on the trace of line working procedure is clear already. the product the water on treatment face is wiped. Flank looks to know, this working procedure is main wear face of the appearance of the product, modelling reach the designated position, product treatment face is uneven place grind smooth. This working procedure must have been ground, otherwise no matter how is the working procedure from the back ground cannot achieve a requirement. Need to notice: 80 # waterproof abrasive paper belongs to kibble, arenaceous bead quantity of thick, grinding is amounted to. Want to had held;

Secondly, 150 # waterproof abrasive paper: This working procedure kibble the trace of 80 # is cleared, leave finer mark, product treatment is face level off, suitable slip;

Thirdly, 320 # waterproof abrasive paper (fine grind) : The product machines a face to begin to have faint glossiness, the product machines the fruit bead of the face, decorative pattern. Color appears entirely come out;

Its 4, 800 # waterproof abrasive paper: The product machines a face to begin to have faint glossiness, product treatment surface is slick. Exquisite, without feel;

Its 5, 1500 # waterproof abrasive paper (essence of life grinds) : After water mill, glossiness can amount to 1520 degrees or so, begin to achieve essence of life to grind degree:

Its 6, 3000 # waterproof abrasive paper grinds (essence of life grinds) : Color of product treatment surface is bright-coloured. Glossiness can amount to 4050 degrees or so. Naked eye already cannot see treatment face has any marks. Need to notice: 3000 # waterproof abrasive paper is ground must use a few water, countless even abrade, grind till moisture dry, glossiness rises. Add some of water again abrade effect is much better. Present the cleanness that go out to had been spent;

Its 7, polishing: Polishing pink polish, add a few water and polishing pink to be machined in the product with clean cotton cloth make a round trip countless times on the face even abrade, grind till moisture dry, spend up to mark billowily till, the product after polishing takes a person like lens face burnish, brightness. Spend billowily can achieve 90, 110 degrees, true, natural, true system reveals color, grain, decorative pattern the beauty with marble natural product;
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