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Rupture stone material sticks receive an operation: Marble spelling a flower sho
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Should clear above all of stone material rupture face, accomplish do not leave dirt and particle, should maintain rupture of the face dry, cannot have moisture content more, want conditionally to undertake atmospheric pressure sweep with high-pressured pump, want to keep clear of to mobile shiver, be in next rupture glue of the cohere on the besmear on the face, should besmear equably and cannot heavy panel, be opposite instantly next receive, extruding is close. Make cohere glue spills over somewhat. Watchful is, must have cleared first plank, make up glue again, otherwise, glue should become invalid possibly. To the large board of 2cm above, should stick with vertical receive for the effect optimal, after be being stuck namely stone material perpendicular vertical stroke rises, use the self-prossessed cement of stone material itself, can do a few bracket to set upright the material that put stone. Sticking wooden weight can be used to the plank above when receiving or rubber hammer is beaten gently, use force slightly, make juncture as far as possible somes small, stick in order to make the same score to the sheet with large 1cm had better, in the paper on the platform upper berth of level off, wait for stick received stone material put away, in rupture after the face applies good glue, squeeze to receiving instantly close. After the sclerosis that treat gum, can have next process.

To other stone material stick receive, if material of furniture of material of stone material handicraft, stone, different stone also is such programs roughly. Arc face plate is stuck with standing had better, beautiful line is stuck with making the same score had better, all sticking receive should act on stick juncture to want as far as possible small, achieve already optimal stick receive the result, do not affect the purpose of exterior aesthetic feeling again.

Spell those who spend marble to stick receive must make the same score stick, should go up in platform upper berth first paper, had better be oilpaper, stick not easily so on, level fibre glass net next, go all out what had gone all out beforehand beforehand the flower, tu Yi piece is gooey together, with angle square, rely on feet to be a basis, one by one is stuck receive, one by one squashs, it is the look out below plank commonly below, until stick entirely receive end. Dry hind a few spell a flower to add strength to add, sticking those who had received to spell beautiful the reverse side to be able to besmear equably again a glue, brush with wool brush gently smooth, can spell beautiful firmness by force substantially greatly. Of course, follow the lead of spells beautiful method, the stone material with more cranny can enhance the method of the net to increase the strength of stone material with the reverse side. A lot of stone material product line added the working procedure that sticks fibre glass to strengthen a network together after its burnish now, its purpose is to increase the strength of stone material.
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