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Clear stone " type back groove pledges gently the specification of advantage of
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One, about " clear stone " whether is act wallboard " compound board " explain:
China's the biggest, most professional act wall community, the technology discusses a region. At present on the market " compound board " be by the 2 stone to 5 millimeter material regards adornment as facing, from the back answer with the 15 buildup to 25 millimeter layer, will tell from installation means, its anchor firmware is to enchase in compound layer, compound layer serves as basically accept power put oneself in another's position.

Surface of product of system of wall of clear stone act is material of 20-25mm natural stone, the reverse side is to use gum of domestic high grade colophony compound high strenth does not have what cloth of alkaline fibre glass comprises to enhance a layer. "Clear stone " wallboard of act of natural stone material was to increase " enhance a layer " natural stone material board. Will tell from installation means, all anchorage firmware are enchased directly in stone material, stone material serves as basic level, it is to accept power put oneself in another's position directly.
So, "Clear stone " act wall enhances natural stone material board is not compound board.

2, about " clear stone " the advantage of means of join of type back groove:
Will tailor-made in burying a built-in chamfer beforehand, try with colophony glue fill is fixed, those who use is the way that machinery sets solid and chemistry to embed solid photograph to be united in wedlock. Should bury a technology to call type back groove to bury a technology beforehand beforehand, it is the patent technology of limited company of king of Qingdao stone material, it made full use of the intensity of stone material and metallic oneself, make stone material ply is decreased thin become a possibility, in contented act wall all sorts of requirements getting power fall, lowest of stone material ply can be decreased to 10-15mm, with vitreous act wall self-prossessed almost equal, overcame wall of stone material act from major drawback; Stone material the reverse side is compound at the same time a fiber enhances a layer, raised stone significantly the bending strength of material board overcame stone material easy broken defect, enhanced the security of wall of stone material act. Make wall of stone material act is below safety and socioeconomic premise, wider application becomes a possibility at high level and freeboard layer building.
And pattern of traditional join of short chamfer type, application is in picture " protect interest newly " on the big standards board that uses in the project when (among them the infrequent standards board that the biggest norms achieved 2667*750 millimeter) , reach according to test result " standard of metal and technology of project of wall of stone material act " , the bending strength test value of 40mm large board is 6.8Mpa, the bending strength of 40mm large board designs a value to be 3.16Mpa, according to structural computation, cannot satisfy the requirement getting power of wall of act of material of stone of 100 meters of above, except plank two end are secured outside, can use only among among open groove to note glue consolidate pattern, weaken and destroy what can build strength of didymous plank whole. And the intermediate share that drives groove, cannot detect when installation installation quality, cause project hidden trouble. And traditional short chamfer pattern installs means, ply of uses natural stone material is bigger the whole that creates act wall is self-prossessed big, than " clear stone " the wall of stone material act that type back groove joins means place is used weight is much 1000 tons of above, the cost of natural stone material that its use is higher, virtually raised project cost, and " clear stone " the ply of natural stone material that technical place uses is thinner, can reduce project cost apparently. And type of chamfer of tradition weak point installs means, do not provide can change quality, once the accident damaged of partial stone material appears after installation, can use gooey means only, safe hidden trouble is bigger. And " clear stone " means of join of type back groove uses complete bolt firm, have stronger can change quality, tear open outfit is agile and handy.
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