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The technology of wall of stone material act of highest and safe grade
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Summary: As the progress of standard of living, people pays close attention to oneself safety increasingly, various government made early-warning plan to circumstance of a lot of public. In domain of wall of stone material act, technology of wall of act of material of stone of safety of type back groove catered to this one trend of the market just about, and establish the safe standard with new fence of stone material act.
In recent years wall of stone material act got swift and violent development in our country, the gross of wall of stone material act resides the world firmly for years the first, according to expert statistic, occupy annual the 65 % that start working of wall of act of world stone material measures. Be in China, the height that wall of stone material act uses is taller and taller, body amount is larger and larger; Use stone material variety is increasing, develop the variety such as Dali cliff, lime cliff, sandstone by onefold before granite; The competition of project of wall of stone material act is more and more intense, cost is lower and lower, shaping is more and more complex, more and more severe to installing construction craft to ask; Market of wall of stone material act is higher and higher to the requirement of security, ask to economy more and more actor. Stone material resource is cannot renewable resources, a lot of precious stone material breed already were faced with resource dried up, how to save stone material dosage, reduce project cost, make sure the quality of act wall is not reduced because of this even at the same time, can last what carry trade of wall of stone material act development, it is the austere opportunity that industry of wall of stone material act is facing and challenge. Because stone material is natural brittleness material, act wall uses stone material board is classics of natural stone material the much talk working procedure such as exploitation, cut, polish, baked wheaten cake is machined and become, suffer the effect of a variety of elements such as natural cause of formation and later period exploitation, processing technique, easy generation dark grain, cranny detect not easily and pilot quality blemish.
Technology of wall of act of safety of type back groove has two characteristics:
The first, patent technology is used in the reverse side of natural stone material, compound the fiber safety of a high strenth enhances a layer, increased the intensity of wallboard of stone material act and security; The settlement with safe and compound effective layer natural stone material is easy broken difficult problem, be in when wall of stone material act be pounded accidentally etc puissant when destroying, the tall felt force of compound layer and stone material but broken the felt of stone material fragment after is together, avoided personnel harm effectively.
The 2nd, embed in stone material the reverse side the firmware of anchor of type back groove that obtains a country to invent patent, because its and stone material have bigger interface, increased the dependability that anchorage solid nods. Anchorage firmware of type back groove and already some carries a type (short chamfer type) , photograph of type back bolt is compared, because its get force area relatively twice increases, make function getting power rises apparently. Pledge at stone talent ability in application when loose, local defect and the stone capable person that have hole (be like: Stone of marble, sandstone, hole) because carry groovy type anchor on the back firmware and stone material interface are big, not sensitive to hole, have clear advantage than other anchorage firmware so. Compare in omnibus price on, anchorage firmware of type back groove also has clear advantage.
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