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Use correctly of charge
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Charge is the driving machinery of a kind of simple, light, economy, apply extensively at the industry such as mine of construction of road construction, foundation, mine, it is the important machine in exploitation of material of stone material waste. Charge belongs to concussion equipment, need oily, hydrosphere again at the same time a variety of auxiliary medium cooperate to use, on one hand the dependability that this works to equipment, security raised taller requirement; On the other hand, operate and safeguard the difficulty with be brought certain what also give device. Science is used and uphold charge, be opposite not only assure safe production, put an end to malign accident to happen have important sense, and principal to raising efficiency of life of the performance characteristics of equipment, work, production to have port. The preparation before switching on the mobile phone works 1, buy the charge that come newly, in-house besmear has the antirust fat with bigger viscosity, before using, must disassemble clear. When reshipment, each motion component expresses Mi Na to want besmear lubricating oil. After outfit is good, put through charge pipeline of calm sb's anger, drive small wind movement, it is normal to examine its movement case. 2, to lube of infuse of automatic line oiler, commonly used lube is engine oil of 20# , 30# , 40# . The container Ying Qingjie that holds lubricating oil, have a lid, prevent cliff pink and contamination to enter line oiler. 3, the wind pressure that checks workplace greatly and hydraulic. Wind pressure is 0.4-0.6MPa, exorbitant meeting accelerates wind pressure the attaint of mechanical spare parts, too small conference reduces drilling efficiency and rustily and mechanical spare parts. Hydraulic and general for 0.2-0.3MPa, hydraulic and exorbitant a water meeting fill is destroyed into machine interior lubricant, reduce charge efficiency and rustily and mechanical spare parts; Too low rinse the effect undesirable. 4, whether does use hammer drill accord with quality requirement, unqualified hammer drill taboo. 5, wind canal receives charge, should deflate blows inside Shanghaiguan contamination. Receive conduit fund, want the contamination that waterproof strong only contact is in, wind canal and conduit must screw, fall off in case person. 6, insert drill rod end charge head, arrange hammer drill of hour hand roll forcibly, if turn to be not moved, explain to there is appearance blocking a place of strategic importance inside the machine, answer to be handled in time. 7, screw each connection bolt, open wind to examine the locomotive case of propeller, movement just can begin the work normally. 8, slideway type charge should wear good pillar, examine the locomotive case of propeller, charge of air leg type and up the circumstance such as the flexible rate that type charge must check its air leg. 9, should ask to hydraulic pressure charge hydraulic pressure system has good sealing, be polluted in order to prevent hydraulic pressure oil, in order to make sure hydraulic pressure oil has constant pressure. The note 1 when the job, when opening one's eyes, answer slow fast roll, after the deepness that needs opening arrives at 10-15mm, turn into whole movement gradually again. In drilling process, should press aperture the design makes drill steel advances point-blank, be located in the center of aperture. 2, answer when drilling reasonable try the thrust that drive an axis. Axial thrust is too small, the machine produces bound, vibration increases, drilling loss of efficiency; Axial thrust passes greatly, hammer drill carries close eye ground on the head, make the machine runs below excess load, easy wear away prematurely spare parts, make drilling speed is decelerated. 3, when charge blocks drill rod, should decrease axial thrust, it is normal to can tend stage by stage. If disable, should stop instantly machine. Use spanner to turn slowly first drill steel, the atmospheric pressure in reopen makes hammer drill turns slowly, prohibit using the way that beats drill steel to handle. 4, often observe the condition that discharge pink. When platoon pink is normal, slop arranges orifice to be poured out of slowly; Conversely, ambitious force blows hole. If still disable, should check the water hole of hammer drill and status of drill rod end, circumstance of reexamination water needle, change the spare parts of attaint. 5, the reserves that should notice to observe oiling and circumstance giving oil, adjust good oiling quantity. When working without oil, make the spare parts wears away prematurely easily. When lube is overmuch, can cause working surface pollution. 6, the noise that the machine should notice when the operation, observe its movement condition, discover a problem, handle in time. 7, the working position that notes hammer drill, appear to change unusually in time. 8, operate what air leg should notice when type charge up to give tolerance, prevent charge to get on next swinging to cause an accident. The strong point of air leg wants reliable. When the hand grasps a machine, cannot pass to cannot ride closely on air leg to hurt person caustic chance in order to prevent more. 9, should note rock case, avoid edge bedding, joint and cranny perforation, prohibit making incomplete key point, observe at any time have without roof fall, piece the danger of the side. 10, should use function of starting a hole effectively. In bore process, having an important segment is starting a hole, with the concussion pressure that reduced and fixed propulsion pressure finishs starting a hole. Boost pressure ought to as far as possible somes small, go up in order to facilitate in the cliff area with very large gradient starting a hole, also can avoid drill pipe generation to bend at the same time.

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