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Marble standard board basic manufacturing technology
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Manufacturing technology can divide kind: After after be being cut first, be ground and be being ground first, cut

One, what craft basically uses at machining norms is grind to finalize the design after be being cut first product.

Advantage: Those who cut off abandon is the leftover material without abrade, polish, wasteful and lesser.

Defect: Stone material was not shown in decorative pattern, colour and lustre will be cut off, the likelihood causes the Dali flag with original very good design and color to be cut blindly platelet, reason goes against design and color anthology match.

2, craft is being cut after be being ground first is marble standard board basically manufactures technology, comfortable at processing the stone material with project makings and intricate variety of designs. Can divide again among them for two kinds of plan:

One kind is cut off again after polishing first,

After another kind of essence is ground, cut off again polishing.

Advantage: Stone material is ongoing after grinding, cut off, feature of its decorative pattern already showed, benefit at design and color anthology match.

Defect: Those who cut off abandon is already abrade, the leftover material of polishing, reason wastes workload.

Current, the equipment that marble standard plank machines is chosen include diamond frame to curium, diamond curiums a tool, bull is successive muller.