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Be opposite with cutting tool of diamond cylindrical shell the treatment method
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One, fundamental

We know, with random body of undercut of a planar cut, its cut makes the circle that the line does not differ greatly for the diameter. Round diametical size follows section section to change from the far and near of sphere center, leave way in order to pass the circle of ball heart among them the biggest, we call big circle, in all its round diameter all is less than this circle. If use some one diameter to provide,be apart from to be nodded surely equidistant a series of the bag sth resembling a net that the circle makes, should wrap body of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy to be sphere surely, formation curved surface is spherical.

2, curium with diamond canister spherical outside surface of treatment stone material

Current, the cutting tool that is used at processing material of stone of circular arc face is cylindrical shell cutting tool normally, diamond sets the circumferential margin in cylindrical shell end panel, the wall that the ply of diamond knife head is more than cylindrical shell slightly is large; When machining dambered surface on one hand cylinder makes the whirligig around its axes, make the feed along coaxal line direction move on the other hand. Use this kinds of cutting tool when us when treatment is spherical, want spherical size according to place, adjust cutting tool to be apart from the distance H that machines spherical center, cutting tool makes whirligig only, stone material semifinished product circles some axes to make whirligig, this axes crosses ball heart, rotational one week later, criterion a ball takes treatment to finish. Adjust semifinished product to place azimuth next, repeat afore-mentioned processes, such a certain number of second completed whole and spherical treatment.

On uses cylindrical shell cutting tool, the diamond on hypothesis cylindrical shell knife kind place cirque is the smallest radius is R, the ply that sets diamond knife head is △ , the distance of heart of ball of plane of point of a knife of diamond cutting tool is H, what machine the R of the radius that gives a ball.

If make conclusions,according to computation the company can reach:

1, the radius volume that processes a ball is concerned with the trail of cylindrical shell cutting tool only, and the influence of the old way that does not get cylindrical shell cutting tool, but the poor value of knife head old way and trail, namely the efficiency that the ply △ influence of diamond knife head machines.

2, once cutting tool make choice of, the diameter that machines a ball and pointed plane of this cutting tool are apart from spherical diameter small; The value of the smallest radius that can machine a ball can amount to R; Cutting tool of theoretic cylindrical shell can machine the free kick face that is more than radius to be R. This as it happens showed this advantage that machines a method.
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