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Marble installation divides thickness two kinds
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Marble, namely the alias of Yunnan marble, also say " stone of another name for Yunnan Province " or " Wen Shi " , " Cang Shi " , it is Yunnan dot Cang Shan's peculiar strange stone, chemical composition is body of crystallization of carbonic acid grey matter. The color of marble can be divided roughly for white and color two kinds. Marble divides the Shi Bing that make outside, commonly used still in upholster, be like desk the door plank of the back that the face plate of a few, chair has, ambry is enchased etc, had a kind of effect that make the finishing point.

The thick, Bao An of marble acts ability way

Thick outfit ― is alleged thick outfit is to use thick arenaceous will install thick stone. Thick arenaceous ply makes an appointment with 100MM deep, and the ply of stone is 30MM above, if use general dry wet mortar to install thick flag, difficulty is very tall, the meeting after locating because of the weight of flag itself sinks slowly, replaced the mortar water share that is controlled, the stickup force that is mortar itself next is small, cannot have what effect to heavy slate.

Thick arenaceous outfit is a kind of the oldest installation method, be in early Stone Age, the mankind already was known use block to come ground of load one's writing with fancy phrases, with the ground that riprap build by laying bricks or stones becomes, went to the lavatory person cultivate ambulates, but after should having car, this kind of death passage that uneven ancient course makes drive a vehicle. Historical textual research, be in ancient Rome early times, roman has known the method that uses thick outfit to install road, alleged: The highway connects Rome, the domain of your Rome empire is expanded by Europe Africa, this kind of old installation method already simple, abiding and durable, till can be in Europe now,find these continue to use up to now historic site road.

The mud of marble of the thin installation that install ― if nevertheless one centimeter is poor copy,install, basically be to apply in bead of stone of chip marble, antique, gravelstone, broken bead mosaic, Xiaoshi board is waited a moment. Material of this kind of stone thin fine light, will install with traditional thick mortar, stone material can sink, with pure slop installation stone material can drift, also can flake finally from housing. If pure slop layer is too thick, the range with dry contractive back is very big, burst of meeting doing mud, it is especially outdoor installation, in summer high temperature can make seam the air splash inside to go up, and seam in the winter inside water portion will be frozen, one cold one heat is OK stone pop, flake like desquamate come down. The cement that is in 80 time Europe early decorates course of study to had faced the worker's problem, salary slow, security is not worth difference of tall, craft, speed, invented a kind of new cement substitute through thorough research, resolved the trouble of the worker's problem and cement, this kind of product is daub.
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