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Thin model with ultrathin model the treatment application method of stone materi
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One, thin model, ultrathin model the construction method of stone material and effect

(one) stone material is special and gooey stick a way

1, the preparation before construction: Clear base clean thoroughly, assure to not have sundry wait with big cobble grain, add water to cast first makings (the 20% ~ that add water quantity to be measured for powder commonly 24% ) , according to construction layer ply (general 5 millimeter of 3 ~ ) different, affirmatory powder dosage (general every square metre of 4 ~ 6kg) , have mix with special agitate tool, make sure mix is even, quiet place 4 ~ after 6 minutes again agitate, can undertake construction, stickup when should assure surroundings not under 10 ℃ , the agent sticking gum after agitate should give out inside 2 hours.

2, comb blow mortar: With comb model putty knife combs equably blow go up in base (general ply 5 millimeter of 3 ~ ) or mortar even ground daub is in the rear Yi Ke of flag material.

3, stickup stone material: Stick stone material on mortar, forcibly squeezing ramming, wipe the mortar of stone material surface clean, wait for mortar dry undertake embedding seaming again after 24 hours.

(2) method of construction of compound stone material

1, employ stone capable person special stick glue to stick a way, the method is the same as stickup ceramic tile.

2, use steel framework Long Gan to register a way.

(3) construction effect:

Experimental data makes clear: Jiao of Shan of correct of  of Cheng of angry of  of fade of ⌒ of  of ⌒ lowing ⒊ stops pry  basks in?6mm of ⑾ of play of Ran of award of Yi cook and stir thick ultrathin model weight of stone lumber unit is every square metre 15 ~ 20kg, undertake stickup hind, unit metope suffers weigh every square metre 20 ~ 25kg, be apart from former metope 2 ~ 3mm, stickup stone material can be operated everyday each finish above of 10 square metre, unit construction cost compares Long Gan of framework of steel of common stone material to hang managing above of 100 yuan of RMBs. Install all inspection to measure an experiment to make clear through falling off: Does male of  of fade of ⌒ of  of ⌒ lowing ⒊ consider Qiong hydroxide have diarrhoea hard to sleeve Kang takes Kang of ⒛ buttock Lv to take ⒛ to retreat  Kang to take ⒛ to cast city Kang group does fade Zhang Jian show  mace award to sunlight is fall from the sky or outer space of domestic  large bamboo hat scattered?

2, thin model, ultrathin model the treatment method of stone material

Thin model, ultrathin model production of large quantities of quantities of stone material, automation is 1979 first fretsaw of experimental success diamond is multichip after combining processing technique, begin, popularizing quickly now.

1, use diamond multichip combination curiums treatment is thin model stone material, adoption diamond circular saw piece diameter from 1800mm of Φ of Φ 900mm ~ , combination curiums a several scene differ to 57 from 3, use combination to curium of treatment thin model stone material ply is 8mm ~ 12mm commonly, its are like next characteristics: Beautiful with wear; Specifications is exact, curium the public errand after cutting can be amounted to 0. 5mm; Can reduce freight and the loading capacity that reduce the construction that wrap Fu (28kg/mm2) , carry more easily also, reason can reduce loading/discharging charges to use; Barren expects volume recovery raises 30% above, used valuable stone material resource effectively, economic integration benefit is better.
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