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Stone material grinds: Tuo catchs Ren Ao Zhong smile of 4 ハ Gou catchs skirt ぜ
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Grinding is the method that serves as cutting cutting tool to undertake to workpiece cutting is machined with emery wheel on grinder. The characteristic of this method is:

(1) because emery wheel grinds an itself to have very tall hardness and hear resistance, because this grinding can process the data with very tall hardness, wait like the steel with hard temper by dipping in water, hard alloy.

(2) emery wheel and grinder character decided grinding machining complex can make even minim cutting, 0.005mm of general Ap=0.001 ~ ; Grinding rate is very high, can amount to V=30 ~ 50m/s commonly; Grinder stiffness is good; Use hydraulic transmission, because of this grinding can economic ground obtains tall treatment precision (IT6 ~ IT5) with small exterior surface roughness (0.2 μ of Ra=0.8 ~ M) . Grinding is one of main methods of spare parts finish machining.

(3) as a result of acuteness friction, and make grinding area temperature very high. This meeting creates work generation stress and be out of shape, cause workpiece surface burn even. Accordingly when grinding must infuse is many cooling fluid, in order to drop grinding temperature. Cooling fluid still can have a bits and lubricant effect.

(4) the radial load when grinding is very big. This meeting causes a machine tool, emery wheel, the stretch concede of workpiece system, make be cut actually deep be less than name to cut deep. When accordingly grinding will be finished, should not feed undertakes light is ground, in order to eliminate an error.

(5) grind bead blunt hind, grinding force also increases subsequently, cause wear bead broken or fall off, show sharp point afresh, this character is called " from acute sex " . It is certain to make from acute sex grinding is in on the rails of time internal energy, but after exceeding regular working hours, should undertake artificial nap, lest grinding force increases,cause oscillatory, noise and quality of scathing work surface.

Emery wheel

Emery wheel is the cutting tool of grinding, it by a lot of petty and hard grind the poriferous object that bead and bond are stuck and becomes. Grind bead to loading cutting job directly, must sharp have tall hardness, hear resistance and certain tenacity. Commonly used abrasive has alumina (weigh corundum again) with carborundum two kinds. Alumina kind abrasive hardness tall, tenacity is good, fit grinding steel stuff. Carborundum kind abrasive hardness taller, sharper, thermal conductivity is good, but more fragile, suit grinding cast-iron with hard alloy.

The emery wheel of same abrasive, as a result of its degree of finish differs, the exterior surface roughness after workpiece is machined and treatment efficiency are not identical, grind bead to be used bulkily at kibble, grind bead to suit essence of life pettily to grind, abrasive heals thick, size number heals small.
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