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Diamond rebuilds how does the tool need to notice with 20 skill
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Diamond rebuilds the tool uses in should accomplish reach the item that should not make:


1. is using new nap implement before, should from exit in the feed of nap last. A lot of pledging fragile diamond nap tool, in beginning the contact with emery wheel, be damaged easily.

2. with tilting the angle of 10-15 ° installs head of diamond nap tool, make its point to the direction of rotation of emery wheel.

3. installs good nap firmly implement or clamp nap tool, must not tool head overhang too long.

4. falls in probable condition, use cooling fluid as far as possible. In whole nap time, with cooling fluid pouring nap tool and place of emery wheel contact.

5. is in nap in the begining, repair from the apogee of emery wheel case, what be emery wheel normally is mid.

6. notices those who have slight amount to repair except. Repair the biggest deepness that divide, to thick repair except: 0.001-0.002 inch. Repair to essence of life except: 0.0005-0.001 inch.

7. chooses appropriate transverse and floating rate by concerned manual. Transverse and floating rate is slower (in limit) , obtain surface roughness of emery wheel surface lower.

8. must undertake nap to emery wheel inside formulary time-interval, prevent emery wheel to become blunt, make grinding force increases.

9. is inside formulary time-interval, place the knife medium nap tool, rotate 1/8 circle, in order to assure nap tool keen from beginning to end.

10. is become diamond nap implement or tool head becomes blunt or apparent ground changes at ordinary times, should adjust in time with change.

11. basis the diametical size of emery wheel, the CARAT of logical choice diamond is measured () of pure diamond content, emery wheel diameter is bigger, the diamond CARAT value of the choice is greater.


1. is in place head of diamond nap tool to arrive clip when, the attention does not bump emery wheel surface.

The vertically that 2. cannot nod sheet aims emery wheel center, need to tilt commonly 10-15 ° .

3. cannot undertake to calorific nap tool " quench " (point to become suddenly cold) . When Gan Shixiu is whole, must maintain the time interval of nap twice, enough makes calorific nap tool cooling.

4. cannot assume emery wheel surface has ideal level. When beginning nap, find out the apogee position of emery wheel, undertake nap.

If 5. is likely if, every time of emery wheel repair except the quantity, 0.001 inches cannot exceed on the radius of emery wheel. Pass to be repaired greatly the premature wear and tear that can cause head of diamond nap tool except the quantity and often broken.

6. but also cannot repair every time except too small surplus. Old to be in or the emery wheel that tigidity uses on poor machine tool need not undertake nap.

7. attention cannot be in in nap one keeps too long time locally. Will make so polish of emery wheel surface, produce high temperature and tool of attaint diamond nap. Turn at least everyday nap tool.
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