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Abrade common sense- - oilstone
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With the abrasive and bond strip that makes solid knot is ground. Oilstone should be cheered normally when use lubricant, friend name. Oilstone is used at be being repaired by hand to grind cutting tool and spare parts commonly, also can install clip to undertake honing and superfinishing on the machine tool. Oilstone has artifical to mix two natural kinds, because what man-made oilstone uses abrasive to differ have kind of two kinds of structures. ① uses corundum or carborundum abrasive does not have the oilstone of matrix with what bond makes, by its cross section appearance can be divided for form of square, rectangle, triangle, knife (wedge) , circle and hemicycle oilstone; ② uses diamond or cubic nitrogen changes what boracic abrasive and bond make to have the oilstone of matrix, rectangle, triangle and arc oilstone wait. Natural oilstone is to choose quality of a material exquisite have again abrade machine with the natural quartzite of polishing ability, apply to nicety mechanical, horological the manual nicety in waiting for production industry with the tool is repaired grind.

Oilstone has 6 kinds commonly: Of green carborundum, of Bai Gangyu, of palm corundum, of carbonization boron, of ruby (renown agglomeration corundum) with natural jade.

Carbonization boracic oilstone: Granuality is in 400 to 1000 between, granuality Yue Xiaoyue is coarse, grinding amount is larger, use at becoming the grinding of cutting tool partly, and its itself hardness is strong, special wear-resisting, oilstone goes out not easily delimit oilstone of horizontal natural jade: It is a the granuality in oilstone is the finest kind, just use at polishing, hardly grinding is measured; The diamond in the W0.5 on the besmear on oilstone is abrade after creaming, can the oilstone of gem of flame of exterior wear lens the knife: Interpose is mixed at carbonization boron between natural Yu Zhi, granuality is in 1000 to 2000 between, basically use at edge, point is sharp, the diamond that adds W0.5 is abrade cream the result that also can achieve lens face, additional, about diamond abrade cream, granuality arrives from W40 W0.5, w40 is the thickest, grinding amount is large, w0.50 is the finest, use at polishing, and not anneal, again hard knife also can abrade.

Use method:

thick W40 abrade cream besmear is on carbonization boracic oilstone, can accelerate increase grinding amount, not anneal. Next, should get on the knife thick abrade cream after be being cleaned clean, of reuse W0.5 abrade cream, tu Zaigong is lapidary on natural perhaps jade, use at polishing, throwing the effect that come out is lens face. Of green carborundum, of Bai Gangyu, the hardness of these 3 kinds of oilstone of palm corundum is insufficient, have a place plus granuality thick, grind the knife easily piece delimit horizontal, and additionally 3 kinds of oilstone are when polishing, grinding won't anneal. Granuality is more than of 1000 distinguished without what, main decision at what use abrade creamed, w 1 . The abrade tall Tu Zai of 5 on 1000 purpose ruby, its abrade effect is W 1 . Of 5 abrade tall effect, namely the oilstone effect of 2500 granuality.
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