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Aureate to report firm manson provides ultrasonic the influence of preparation p
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Applied ultrasonic preparation manson of plating King Kong provides film and electricity, check what film hardness and King Kong manson provide to go up arenaceous density, study the result makes clear: Hardness of film of tool of diamond of? of joyous ㄊ of sew of Du of baric Si human skeleton increases along with ultrasonic power and increase. In process of diamond tool preparation, ultrasonic is unwell use arenaceous whole process. As long as ply of film of embedded of bead of King Kong stone mill is appropriate, ultrasonic can use those who provide at King Kong manson to add thick process, improve the preparation efficiency of the tool.

Keyword: Ultrasonic eletroplates diamond penetrate hardness

Eletroplate diamond tool is commonly used the machining at hard fragile data, the method that often uses general electrify plating at present combines film and bead of King Kong stone mill. Applied ultrasonic can rise significantly eletroplate speed [1] . Ultrasonic to eletroplating the aggrandizement action of the process already had a few research [1 ~ 3] , but the report that studies in the preparation craft that diamond tool eletroplates below ultrasonic condition does not see more. On the hardness that the article analysed ultrasonic to have film to King Kong manson arenaceous reach the effect that adds thick process, the preparation that for ultrasonic report manson of plating King Kong provides offers do one's best experimental basis.
1 experiment method
1.1 eletroplate solution and craft
The plating fluid recipe of this experiment is: NISO4 · 7H2O, 250g/L;NiCL2 · 6H2O, 40g/L;H2BO3, 32g/L;C12H25SO4Na, 0.08g/L, plating fluid temperature is 45 ℃ . Tool matrix is sold for the cylinder of Φ 6mm, basic finishing technological process is before plating:  swings plinth of  of  of plinth of  of  of plinth of  of lowing  of  of  of plinth of  of  rancorring 
1.2 film preparation
Craft of ultrasonic film preparation is PH=3.3 ~ 3.5, eletroplate time T=1h, dm-2 of · of current density Dk=1.0A, with KQ-2500B ultrasonic cleaner implementation ultrasonic eletroplates the control of the process, 40kHz of ultrasonic job frequency, input ultrasonic power is 250W, ultrasonic power limits is 40% ~ 100% .
1.3 tools preparation
Beforehand plating craft is Dk=1.0A · Dm-2, t=15min. Go up in what ultrasonic condition falls Dm-2 of · of ~ 6.0A of the Dk=1.0 in arenaceous process, go up in what fall without ultrasonic condition Dm-2 of · of the Dk=0.8A in arenaceous process, t=1h, diamond granuality 100/120, PH=4.4 ~ 4.6. Add the Dk=1.0A · Dm-2 in thick process, PH=4.4 ~ 4.6. Preexistence falls without ultrasonic condition increase generous period of time, next reoccupy ultrasonic continues to increase generous period of time.
1.4 tests method
Enchase with XQ-2 metallographic machine the test specimen after enchasing cut, metallographic face is gained on polisher of PGI metallographic sample, with HX-I model microscopical sclerometer measures its hardness. With the XTL-II diamond grain number that according to multiple of identical like stereomicroscope observation enlarge apparent distance issues.
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