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The current situation that machines a tool about stone material goods and exhibi
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Summary: The exceedingly good characteristic of stone material makes its receive large-scale application in bldg. . As the application of new technology new technology in stone lumber industry, its machined a tool to also have long-term development. Especially of diamond tool apply, make stone material treatment had giant leap. The treatise with brief article the influencing factor that processes stone material product, diamond curiums piece make and diamond curiums the relevant research of a cut, introduced a few kinds of new-style diamond to curium finally piece.

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1 overview

Natural stone material has character it is elegance of profusion of hard, colour, of primitive simplicity, aseismatic compression, acid-proof, good to fight decency and polishability wait for a characteristic. As a result of its numerous advantage, the applied range of stone material is wider and wider, dosage is bigger and bigger, main effect is having in human life. As the bldg. on the world and the development that adorn profession, stone material already became cosmopolitan housing materials.

Stone material is natural housing materials, whole world surface layer is composition of place of You Yan stone, and rock is by a lot of mineral a group of things with common features group be united in wedlock with all sorts of means and form, , piece what different hardness contains in rock is mineral. This produces certain difficulty to stone material treatment, make thereby the treatment tool of stone material also is provided unlike common treatment.

As 60 time metaphase since, of diamond processing technique arisen, the application of diamond technology brought to industry of world stone lumber " revolution " . Diamond common says diamond is current a kind of the soliddest material in nature. Be in what be a foundation with opposite score rub in level of family name hardness, be labelled the strongest one level. Pass its and bond agglomeration, eletroplate wait for methodological union to rise of make it exceed hard data tool, apply extensively at each domains such as material of geological exploration, stone, mechanical, car and national defence industry. Photograph of new and high technology joins all sorts of diamond tools and other, it is more easy to make stone material exploitation and treatment become, cost is lower. Make stone timber production walked up from extensive form thereby the automation, mechanization, big lot that spends continuously, large-scale go up with the road of civilized, safe production.

The main factor of processability of material of 2 shadows phonolite

The treatment of stone material basically is to curium, cut, grind, cast. The machinability of stone material is to point to curium, cut, grind, the difficult easy rate that heaves treatment.

Curium, cut identical, grind, although have a difference,cast, but very close. Because the machinability of this general stone material points to normally,can curium gender and grindability
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