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Of material of high-speed steel cutting tool reasonable use
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The brand of high-speed steel is very much, and have characteristic and applied range severally. Make cutting tool material with it, should the function according to processing data, the type of production cutting tool, the condition such as treatment means and machining complex tigidity is reasonable choose. Its choose a principle to be as follows:
General-purpose high-speed steel value is inferior, basically use at processing common steel, alloy steel and cast.

High-powered high-speed steel basically is used at processing stainless steel, high strenth steel, the difficult treatment material such as high temperature alloy, refractory steel.
W2Mo9Cr4VCo8 (M42) , W6Mo5Cr4V2Co8 (M36) , high-powered high-speed steel has the brand cobaltic such as 9Mo3Cr4V3Co10 taller high temperature hardness. In cutting condition smooth circumstance issues cutting, cutting tool life can rise significantly. Because the tenacity of this kind of high-speed steel is a bit poor, it is accordingly unwell at interrupted cutting or in machining complex tigidity insufficient condition falls use. Die easily otherwise blade or hit a knife.
General cutting tool (aperture treatment cutting tool, milling cutter, thread tool) more complex cutting tool its workmanship is simple, production precision also inferior (thread tool except) . Cost cost place takes pass the time in a leisurely way of the material in considering cutting tool cost proportion is larger, so commonly used W6Mo5Cr4V2 is mixed W9Mo3Cr4V general-purpose high-speed steel is made. The place on numerical control machine tool and transfer matic uses cutting tool, the requirement can stabilize reliable ground to undertake turning, the production precision of the complex cutting tool such as broach and gear cutting tool and technical demand are higher, in cutting tool cost treatment charge place holds proportion bigger, the high-powered high-speed steel of reason application tall hardness, tall wear-resisting and pulverous metallurgy high-speed steel are made. But need to notice pair of W6Mo5Cr4V5SiNbAl (B201) , W12Cr4Mo (EV4) , the high-speed steel with the higher volume containing vanadium such as W9Cr4V5W6M05Cr4, because its grinding performance is poorer, anneal of edge easy burn, reason is unfavorable use at making small modulus insert tine knife, thread tool, rabbet milling cutter model the cutting tool with sophisticated range.
Price of coating high-speed steel is a bit expensive, but its cutting performance is good, cutting tool life is long, can use than not the feed of tall 100-1000 of coating cutting tool and tall 20% ~ the cutting speed of 30% works, and have the frequency that change a knife to be mixed less the advantage that power uses up a province, it is far that the cutting tool cost to every workpiece returns place share under not coating cutting tool, reason appropriate is preferential choose. But tenacity of the sharp sex of coating cutting tool, concussion, fight flake and fight collapse blade sex to be inferior to not coating cutting tool. Accordingly, do not give a quantity cutting and heavy rough machining its with Yu Xiaojin.
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