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Abrasive grinds provided common sense
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Grind providing is grinding of in order to, abrade the tool with polishing. Grind for the most part providing is to use abrasive to add the man-made that bond makes to grind, what cliff of useful also and natural mine machines directly is natural grind. Grind except be made in machinery and in industry of other metal treatment outside be being used extensively, still use at the treatment of the metalloid material such as material of industry of commissariat treatment, papermaking and pottery and porcelain, glass, stone, plastic, balata, lumber.

Grind in using a process, should grind bead blunt when, because grind disintegrate of bead oneself part or bond to rupture, wear bead from grind go up to fall off local or completely, and the abrasive that grinds a working face to go up appears ceaselessly new cutting point, or show ceaselessly new sharp wear bead, make grind cutting property holds in proper time internal energy. Grind provide this kind from acute sex, it is to grind a characteristic that with common cutting tool photograph comparing highlights.

Be in early The Neo-lithic Age, the mankind has begun to apply natural holystone to machine Shi Dao, zax, bone object, horn implement with the tooth implement wait for a tool; 1872, appeared to combine emery wheel of firing pottery and porcelain with natural abrasive and argillaceous photograph in the United States; 1900 around, man-made abrasive comes out, use man-made abrasive to make all sorts of grinding arise in succession, the rapid development that is grinding and grinder created a condition. After this, natural grind grinding the place in providing to occupy scale drop off.

Grind by its raw material origin is divided, grind like that one day provide and man-made is ground provide two kinds. What machinist industry average uses is natural grind have oilstone only. Man-made is ground distinguish by basic form and structural feature, have emery wheel, wheelhead, oilstone, arenaceous tile (knot of solid of above a general designation is ground) add with besmear grind provide 5 kinds. In addition, customarily also labels abrasive grind a kind when provide.

Solid knot is ground what use abrasive by place is different, can divide for common abrasive solid knot is ground provide and exceed knot of hard abrasive solid to grind. Former wait for common abrasive with corundum and carborundum, latter changes boron to wait with diamond and cubic nitrogen exceed hard abrasive to be made. In addition, still have a few special variety, if agglomeration corundum is ground,provide etc.

Knot of common abrasive solid is ground providing is by bond solid of will common abrasive forms proper form, have particular strength grind. Form by abrasive, bond and stoma commonly, this 3 parts often call solid knot to grind provided 3 essential factor.

Abrasive is being ground cutting effect has in providing. Bond is solid forms an inattentive abrasive grind provided data, have inorganic mix two organic kinds. Inorganic bond has magnesia of pottery and porcelain, water chestnut and siliceous natrium to wait; Organicly colophony, balata and bug glue wait. Among them the most commonly used is pottery and porcelain, colophony and balata bond.
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