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Exceeded conference of hard data industry to be held in Zhuhai 2008
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The conference exceeds secretary-general of inscription of Qu of hard data association to chair by Hunan Province.

The whole nation exceeds chairman of reputation of hard data committee of experts Professor Wang Guangzu to deliver open address.

We are in a garden today type city, Zhuhai, hold the whole nation to exceed hard data conference, everybody happilies gather under the same roof will celebrate our country making synthetic diamond to be born 45 years, express warm reception to everybody's arrival.

From December 6, 1963 the first making synthetic diamond, in Beijing ministry of the first mechanical industry is general and mechanical lab of institute high pressure is born, a when just pulled open making synthetic diamond to make a technology prelusive. By Zhengzhou abrasive grinds a grinding institute and Jinan to cast institute of forging press instrument after 1964, joint development comes out what 6 tops press reachs hinge type to come ever since is large change, the development that overtakes hard data industry for China laid solid foundation, through the 40 wind storm rain that come for years, become not only produce per year making synthetic diamond the manufacturing big country of 40 much carat, and level of technology of production of high grade diamond oneself cross world advanced cavalcade.

But, of diamond product develop a lag, those who make a person gratified is the attention that this one phenomenon has caused everybody. Accordingly, in recent years, diamond product and development of hard alloy tool are very rapid, especially the development of these a few years of our country mining industry, the development that uses hard alloy tool to mine created good opportunity. Mine uses the ceaseless innovation of hard alloy technology, increase of product breed ceaselessly, exceed hard data and hard alloy butt joint especially, produced the new breed of high-tech content, for example: Diamond bit, cutting tool, drill rod is provided, Qian Kongzuan of drilling tool, high wind pressure, gear wheel getting, ball ages broach is waited a moment. This is hard alloy product change offerred new approach. Also expanded to use range for diamond at the same time, promoted our country to exceed the development of hard data and the brim course that hard alloy photograph combines.

Qualitative academy of ground of Guilin mineral products Dean Lv Zhi did a problem to be " the technical current situation of material of our country PCBN " report, pointing out its technology current situation is:  ⒄ straightens in  of ィ of feng4huang2 of   appearance boils the boundless and indistinct that hold Xiong high to return  Liao  to abandon pilfer to thank rich  of  ⒕  to return humble of  deceive  to divide ox of location of  of the bluff that be worth ヒ to suffer from border Fu to bend over feed Lu  dispatch however Xi suffers from Zou insane Ji harding iron, the demand of automobile industry is imported almost.
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