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Diamond takes the laser beam welding of core broach to receive
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S summary: Studied ø82, two kinds of laser beam welding that diamond takes core bit receive ø68 method and craft, analysed parameter of craft of laser beam welding to soldering the influence of quality. This technology applies successfully in actual production, have direct sense to congener product.
Keyword: Diamond takes core broach laser beam welding to receive technology parameter

Laser Welding Of Diamond Core Drills

Zhu Haihong, tang Xiahui, zhu Guofu

(National Engineering Research Center For Laser Processing, HUST, wuhan, 430074)

Abstract: This Paper Deals With The Laser Welding Of Diamond Core Drills And The Effect Of Technical Parameters Such As The Focus Position, beam Power Density And Welding Speed On The Welding Strength.The Experiment Results Provide The Better Technical Parameters To Correct The Practical Welding Procedure.
Key   Words: Process Parameter of   of Laser Welding of   of Diamond Core Drills


Diamond takes core broach to there is important place in geological exploration not only, have drilling rate because of its more loss of material of fast, stone is small, do not destroy the distinct advantage such as circumjacent environment and be applied extensively the bore of metope of Yudalishi, granitic, reinforced concrete. Diamond bit is the join on the matrix in steel body of a kind of a kind of when become by diamond and carcass material hot pressing compound agglomeration, the head is a knife that often says. Domestic broach often uses the methodological connection of drill rod solder. When diamond takes core broach to work because rotate speed is splitting, suffer be pounded strongly and shake, need high shear strength and high temperature strength. The broach knife head of drill rod solder often gets set out to heat causes drill rod makings to fuse and fall off as a result of high speed [1] . So, abroad replaces drill rod solder with laser beam welding with respect to development from 80 time later period, laser beam welding and drill rod solder are like next advantages quite: Because matrix and knife head are metallurgy union, intensity is high, knife head falls off not easily, fall in anhydrous circumstance especially; Welding line is petty and even columnar brilliant organization, produce crackle not easily, when making sure broach is gotten in high speed will not craze and generation is dangerous; Welding line and hot influence area are extremely narrow, do not have an influence to diamond, assured the optimum behavior of the product; Implement automation easily, efficiency is tall, quality is stable and reliable, and the average cost of the product is low.
If the graph is shown 1 times,diamond takes the structure of core broach. The bit of laser beam welding that at present foreign market needs curiums with laser beam welding almost piece quite, market potential is very great, profit is opposite also taller. Because diamond takes the knife head of core broach,be pulverous metallurgy material, put inevitably in hole, solder difficulty is great; Matrix and knife head are heterogeneous material solder, knife head is thicker than matrix, be hard to double-faced solder, so compared with diamond fretsaw piece will solder difficulty is greater, at present home has not discovered the coverage of this respect. The test that we pass hundreds of times and exploration, obtained better result, solved crucial technology successfully, already applied in actual production now, the product is exported entirely, user report is favorable.
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