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The craft of diamond knife head chooses
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The choice of granuality

Diamond granuality is thick and when be single size, curium a knife head is sharp, curium cut efficiency tall, but the bending strength that diamond agglomerates drops; Diamond granuality fine or when degree of finish mixes, curium a knife head durability is tall, but efficiency is low. Choice diamond granuality looks for 50/60 relatively appropriate.

Diamond distributinging pH indicator chooses

When diamond chroma by low arrive when tall change, curium a sharp sex and curium cut efficiency to drop gradually, and service life is lengthened gradually; But chroma is exorbitant, curium a meeting become blunt. And use low density, thick size, efficiency can rise. Use knife head each place is curiuming the different motive when cutting, use different chroma (can use) of the inferior chroma intermediate in three-layer or more layer namely, curium intermediate groove is formed on job of head of the knife in cutting a course, be helpful for preventing to curium piece slant place.

The choice of intensity

Exorbitant intensity can make crystal not easy and broken, wear bead when be being used by polishing, sharp degree drop, bring about tool function aggravation; When diamond intensity is insufficient, easy after be pounded broken, bear cutting heavy responsibility hard. Reason should choose intensity to be in 130 ~ 140N.

The choice of felt photograph

To marble, material is material of soft qualitative rock character, the mechanical function of requirement knife head is relatively some lower, can choose cupreous radical binder. But firing temperature of cupreous radical binder is low, intensity, hardness is inferior, tenacity is taller, as low as diamond union strength. Should join carbonization tungsten (when WC) , make framework metal with WC or W2C, deserve to reach combinative character in order to raise intensity, hardness with right amount cobalt, add a few melting point the metal such as the Cu with low, low hardness, Sn, Zn makes felt appearance. Advocate addition divides granuality to answer fine at 200 eye, add composition granuality to answer fine at 300 eye.

The choice of agglomeration craft

As temperature elevatory, of carcass compact change degree to rise, bending strength also rises subsequently, and the extension as heat preservation time, after with diamond the bending strength that agglomerate rises first, blank carcass is reduced, optional choose satisfies function to ask in craft of 120s of the agglomeration below 800 ℃ .