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Lens of building facing material determines to glossiness the standard is obtain
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On May 6, 2008, " building facing material determines to glossiness method " national level, in Beijing new mostly restaurant is passed discuss.

This standard basically applies to floor tile of wall of pair of marble, granitic, terrazzo, pottery and porcelain, plastic floor, fibre glass to enhance the lens such as plank to determine to computation of measure of method, term, instrument, measure, sample, experiment, result, precision, experiment reports and be made to glossiness. It is pair of original list levels (GB/T 13891-1992) edit. Other man-made flag kind, the glossiness that waits like microcrystalline stone, scagliola determines to also can consult this standard.

This standard is be put forward by association of Chinese building materials and put in buccal management 's charge, the company of large name actor that enlisted industry of lumber of stone of the job that draft, China about qualitative check orgnaization, institute, enterprise, material of company of group of industry of limited company of group of timber of stone of Fujian phoenix hill, Shandong Guanlu building materials, round-the-world stone (Dongguan) material of Xin Feng stone of city of state of limited company of marble of the star austral city of spring of limited company, Fujian, Lai limited company, Shandong.

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