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Domestic head ministry builds standard of stone material project to come out
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Recently, " regulations of technology of application of material of stone of building adornment project " come on stage in Beijing, the project standard that this is application of material of stone of adornment of the first construction project of our country.

Build according to Beijing appoint relevant controller introduces, new " regulations " go up in the base that follows our country to concern stone talent level, standard, combine national condition, consult Euramerican the stone material that waits for a country with Singapore relative standard, put forward material of natural stone material, man-made stone material, framework, felt material, sealed material, anchor, hang a technical requirement that waits for relevant product. The design to stone material, construction, defend, clean and the applied technology such as face-lifting and acceptance of work all were made be elaborated in detail and set. In addition, " regulations " content is more outstanding stone material adornment should have a visual sense beautiful, energy-saving environmental protection and the concept of new-style building materials with safe health of the person that reside. Build stone talent level at will beginning the building that carry out on March 1 this year, to structure of wall of relevant term, material, act facing of material of design, stone is designed, and treatment is made, material of adornment engineering construction, stone defends clean, face-lifting and acceptance of work, all made detailed provision, each index has corresponding standard and technical parameter.

Believe this standard come on stage, the use that is helpful for material of normative building stone.