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Building adornment decorates project quality to check and accept project of norm
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9.1 general provisions

9.1.1 chapters apply to divide into equal parts of wall of act of material of stone of wall of screen of metal of vitreous act wall the quality of the project is checked and accept

9.1.2 act wall should examine following file and record when acceptance of work:

The design of calculated description of construction picture texture of project of 1 act wall explains etc designs a file

2 buildings design what the unit designs to act wall project to affirm a file

The property of product certificate of conformity that place of project of 3 act wall uses component of all sorts of material hardware fittings and component detects the report approachs check and accept record and answer test report

The cognizance letter that place of project of 4 act wall uses gum of silicon ketone structure and selective examination the state of trade supervision disease that qualification proves to import rubber of silicon ketone construction is appointed detect consistence of designation rubber of silicon ketone construction mixes the orgnaization those who come off caking property experiment reports stone material uses fluid sealant be able to bear or endure contamination test report

5 postposition are buried spot drawing intensity detects report

Of 6 act wall fight air of wind pressure function to permeate function of function water seepage and plane to be out of shape function detects report

The temperature humidity of environment of conserve of 7 dozens of glue records rubber of construction of ketone of silicon of double group share mix even a gender trial record and pull an experiment to record

The 8 device that prevent thunder check a record

9 take cover engineering check and accept a record

The treatment of component of 10 act wall and component makes record act wall install construction record

Project of 9.1.3 act wall answers following material and its function index to have answer test:

1 aluminous model is compound board come off intensity

Of the material of stone of area of flexural strength chill of 2 stone material be able to bear or endure sex of aspic be in harmony is indoor the radioactivity that uses granite

Experiment stone material uses the consistence of bonding strength of drawing of condition of Shao hardness standard that wall of 3 glass act uses structural gum the contamination that the material of bonding strength stone of structural rubber uses fluid sealant

Project of 9.1.4 act wall should undertake checking and accept to project of following take cover engineering:

1 bury beforehand (or postposition is buried)

The join node of 2 component

3 be out of shape seam the tectonic node that reachs metope corner point

4 act wall prevents thunder plant

Fire prevention of 5 act wall is tectonic

Each minutes 9.1.5 of a project examine batch should differentiate by following regulation:

The act wall project of craft of material of 1 identical design and execution condition every 500 1000m2 should differentiate to approve insufficient 500m2 to also should differentiate to be approved to examine to examine
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