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Export the average order that drawback registers
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One, the average order that exit drawback registers:
1.About the sends check and registration form getting of certificate
The enterprise is after the industrial and commercial registering proof that obtains concerned branch to approve its to manage nucleus of department of the file that exports product business and industrial and commercial administration to send, answer to deal with export business drawback to register within 30 days.
2. drawback registers declare and accept
The enterprise is gotten " registration form of export business drawback " hind, reach concerned requirement to fill in by registration form namely, after building enterprise official seal and concerned personnel seal, a newspaper sends the proof data such as the file of approval of right of administration of product of along with exit, industrial and commercial proof that register the tax authority, examine and verify of tax authority classics is not had by accident hind, accept namely register.
3. fills hair exit drawback to register card
The tax authority receives the formal application of the enterprise, after classics examine and verify is approved without the program that presses a regulation by accident, the nucleus grants a company " exit drawback registers card "
The change that 4. exit drawback registers or cancel
When battalion of already of look forward to state happening changes or certain drawback policy happens when changing, should be changed according to real need or cancel drawback to register.

2. Exit drawback is added send material
Customs declaration of 1. customs declaration is goods is imported or enterprise of the imports and exports when exit is dealt with to custom declare formalities, so that custom is checked by this,write provided bill with check.
2. exit sells bill this is the only card that the sale contract that export business foundation and exit buy goods to just be signed fills, it is the main certificate that the foreign trader buys goods, also be export business money the basis that meeting branch becomes exit product sales revenue by this chalk it up.
Bill of 3. replenish onr's stock offers bill of replenish onr's stock basically is to decide those who export a product to offer name of money unit, product, unit of measurement, amount, whether be the sale price that produces a business, so that differentiate,decide its stock cost to wait with computation.
Sheet of water of 4. settlement of exchange or close collect advice note.
5. belongs to production to the enterprise is exported directly or entrust exit to contain a product, every with C.I.F CIF settle accounts, still should add send exit bill of lading and exit insurance policy.
6. has into the enterprise that expects treatment answer exports product business, still should send an entrance to tax authority newspaper makings, contract number, date, entrance expects a name, amount, reappear buccal product name, receive makings cost amount and real offer all sorts of tax amount.
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