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Natural stone material detects the report cannot not look
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Natural stone material whether in applying at the family to decorate? Does its radioactivity have harm to human body? The measure that uses is more or time is longer, is harm greater? Taking the question of consumer, the reporter interviewed relevant section, experts think generally, to the radioactivity of stone material, everybody need not exaggerate one-sidedly and panicky, want to select eligible product only, right amount use pair of human body to affect not quite.

Control dosage chooses pair of level

On March 24, the reporter will to Chinese housing materials examine attestation center, building materials radiate installed Zhang Yonggui of engineer of ministry of attestation of all inspection check to introduce relevant knowledge in detail.

"Any objects have radioactivity, have nevertheless have high low just. " Introduction Zhang Yonggui, soil, water even human body has radioactivity, cement, ceramic tile also have radioactivity. Average person is decorated using natural stone material basically is to be used at mesa of stone of move into one's husband's household upon marriage, windowsill, ambry to wait, but these dosage relative to normal level talk is very small, the illuminate of the natural stone capable person that the public accepts belongs to a kind of small dose, although long-term illuminate, its belong to random sex effect to the influence of human body, cannot foretell namely, concern with the radiation resistance of human body and susceptibility. "Be in same in the building, place identical much stone material, presumable person is met sicken, some people a hair nondestructive. " he expresses, if accord with a standard (be like A kind product) , and will use according to the standard, basically won't have too great harm to human body. Because this wants only " the volume is not particularly large, affect to the addition of indoor radiate dosage not quite, do not have necessary panic " . But at the same time, he suggests use quantity is opposite bigger, if decorate villa,a large number of consumer that use natural stone material select the product with low radioactivity as far as possible. "In oneself cost can below pilot circumstance, radioactivity index is lower better. Radioactivity index is lower better..

"The radioactivity that the key of the problem does not depend on stone material has to human body harm how old, and whether does the stone material that depends on buying accord with national level. " introduce according to him, although the country asks compulsively to detect, but fulfil it is more difficult to rise, in be accompanying The Ministry of Commerce and Industry the door is in process of check of market make one's rounds, they discover to distributors of material of a lot of stone exists to cannot be issued on the market detect report, perhaps issue detect the phenomenon that reports existence makes a holiday. "It is manufacturer does not want to assume on one hand detect charge, on the other hand, strong superintendency is lacked on the market. " these quality that affecting stone capable person directly and use safety.
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