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Stone floor cleaning standards and detailed implementation plan of stone cons
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(A), stone floor cleaning standards Stone ground clean and bright, cloth wax evenly, no stains. (B), stone floor cleaning, waxing, polishing and maintenance procedures 1, from the wax: Tools and materials: brush machine with water tanks, washing scouring needle seat with a black brush (brown, red, scouring brush), suction machine, suction skin scraping wax from the water. (1) to open the machine to the work site, set a good washing needle seat, and even scouring brush; (2) Install a water tank with good water from the wax; (3) pressing the power switch on the fuselage, so the chassis driven scouring brush needle seat rotation. Note: When the handle up, the body moves to the right; the handle down, body to the left; (4) pressing the lever will play a tank of water evenly rub the wax on the ground; (5) control of the machine direction, from left to right, back and forth 2 or 3 times; (6) of the alternating up and down about 10 cm; (7) has been completed, with a suction machine to suck water from the wax; (8) with long-handled hand corner brush drag bit wipe twice; (9) twice with water; (10) to be carried out after the ground dried wax. 2, waxing: Tools and materials: wax off the tractor, mop bucket, squeeze water heater, the end of wax, face wax. (1) to drag down the wax off the wax caps in the rack; (2) the saturated wax tractors; (3) pressing the water heater on the tractor to the trailer on the folder until the wax does not drip; (4) the wax evenly coated on the ground; (5) has been completed, until the wax dry, polish with a polishing machine (1500 r / min). 3, high-speed floor polishing machine of Practice: (1) hand on the handle down firmly, so that base tilt, and then in the middle of the bottom wheel safety needle seat hundreds of clean brush (white); (2) the body flat, pull the handle to control the dial up, so dial with scouring brush close to the ground; (3) When power switch, the dial to 1000 r / min, then polishing the floor; (4) polishing can not walk too fast, should be maintained at 50 m / min speed. (5) to be overlap between lines 1 / 3, so as to avoid leakage of polishing. Note: A, non-flammable objects around the use of the machine; B, you must use three power outlet, there must be ground or leakage protection, inspection machine, unplug after use; C, water temperature not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. Introduction to clean the ground of knowledge I. Introduction to the main material ground Buildings from the current view, the main ground material are the following: 1, stone ground; Is divided into: A. Bright side (also called mirror) Stone; B. Not bright stone. 2, wood flooring surface; 3, the plastic surface. Second, knowledge of floor cleaning pads Introduction Third, the most commonly used floor cleaning pads Introduction Cleanliness standards from the current requirements of customers, generally the most commonly used cleaning pad is: 1, "black wax from the pad" Its main purpose is to ground all of there clean the old wax; 2, "the white wax from the pad" Its main purpose is to kick down the ground after polishing wax to increase the brightness of the ground. (The description of the other cleaning pad, just to increase the knowledge of colleagues, from the current cleaning process, the order to save costs, streamline operations, are generally not used.) Fourth, the use of machinery and equipment when cleaning pads Introduction 1,17''multifunctional P154 multifunction machine wipe wipe machine, coupled with various accessories, do carpet cleaning, floor waxing all kinds of purposes. Heavy body and flat design, low-angle position Tibet, but also easy access to clean, no need to move furniture. Working in the hand lever height adjustment, with the hand-shaped design of the safety switch, so feel more flexible and convenient operation. 2,20''polishing machine Various types of stone for polishing the ground as such, up to 1500 rpm, after wax polished, ground bright as a mirror, and floor wax by high-speed friction will increase the intensity, more effective protection of stone surfaces. Daily cleaning and maintenance ground, with abrasion wax to use, a spray of a mill, the ground immediately restore luster, time-saving, fast properly. 3,60 ~ 77 liter twin motor suction machine SWD1200 models, vacuum suction, large capacity with dual motors, more powerful suction, double filter design, the inner layer of stainless steel filter to protect the motor better. Stainless steel suction barrels, heavy-duty wheels, rugged, body back there is drainage, removal of sewage is more convenient to use for any workload. Stone Care Wax >>>>> Wax as the first generation of stone care technology, is still widely used. Up of this technique rely on low molecular weight water-soluble plastic material, in the stone surface coating substrate protection. But the hardness of the surface low, and easy to change, you need to make regular wax polish every day, consuming enormous resources, and in the process of each from the wax of the black sand containing alloys wax from the pad, serious injury, the stone surface, strongly alkaline and high solvent more infiltration of water from the wax cracking stone formation. With the development of new technologies will reduce the use of first-generation technologies. Crystal surface treatment >>>>> Rise of the 80's "Crystallizationsystem" quilt called the crystal surface treatment technology. It also works in accordance with the wax with solvent molecules from the hardness of the polymer was higher in the high-temperature milling of high hardness coating was formed. But the cost amazing! Required special machinery for a long time polishing. Cover the surface of the substrate to form characteristic uneven flooding. Crystal Hard processing >>>>> In recent years, with advances in technology, restructuring of the lattice in the stone surface, harden with light technology has launched, we call crystal hard to deal with! New crystal surface treatment system General cleaning machinery used on the hard grain handling system has been born. Granite and marble stone can be divided into two categories, the same crystal system is also divided into the hard granite and marble hardware system hardware systems, both on the same principle. Used the same way as pharmaceutical tools. Crystal hardening agent is the use of physical and chemical methods so that the stone surface layer lattice softening. In the "nylon" pad grinding mill under the arrangement of molecules in the formation of dense layer, the thermal effect of lattice ordered to re-curing, a process that will enable to significantly increase hard marble surface 2 to 3 Mohs hardness and brightness are also significant increased to 100 degrees or even higher to 90 degrees of brightness of granite. And this remarkable effect, as long as the maintenance by chapter, to life-long use. Unlike the old wax surface effects and the poor. The operational procedures and costs, to better display the following hard crystal system performance.