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Restricting the development of China stone industry the three tumor
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90s from the 20th century, China's annual output of stone, consumption and export volume accounted for first in the world, has become a veritable stone industrial nations of the world. With the international market, increasing demand for stone, Chinese stone companies in the international market began to emerge. China Stone Export advantage is that rare species, widely distributed, low production costs, better quality, wide use. But still widespread because the small size of export products, amounting to less than large buyers, a large state requirements, so lower prices on the international market. Meanwhile, the export of products and colors in the color, but also keep up with the world development trend. Another sales market mainly in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Europe and America market share is low. Overall, China's stone industry is crisis and opportunity coexist. Part of the stone business that stone enterprises in China's current development is also affected by three major "cancer" constraints: A, shipping prices. World trade by sea-based stone, the current shipping prices continue to rise in the price, freight cost increases virtually undermined the competitiveness of their products. Freight costs while increasing the pressure also comes from domestic transport. The one hand, international crude oil prices on the impact of transport, while the new "traffic law" after the implementation than in the past the domestic price of land transport are rising. Second, the stone non-renewable resources. China has rich deposits of stone, but because of unreasonable and excessive development, some areas lack of stone mineral status quo has emerged. Stone is a non-renewable resources, and then develop the rich mineral resources have run out one day. Prepared and stone business on the one hand to enhance the utilization of resources, reduce waste, on the other stone to actively explore new sources for business tomorrow reserves. Third, the certification barriers. October 2003, the EU regulations for use of outdoor paving stone must pass CE certification to enter the EU market circulation. With the gradual improvement of the market in some regions, such compulsory certification will be more and more involved in the product range will be growing. Enterprises continue to adapt to the new standards only to win more export opportunities.